Jacqueline Kennedy's Granddaughter Looks Just Like The Famous First Lady

Rose Schlossberg's life is something of an enigma. She once partied with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and belongs to America's most influential political family. However, the daughter of designer Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy – the only surviving child of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy — prefers to keep a very low profile despite making a name for herself entirely on her creative talent.

The Kennedys' heir apparent receives more attention for being the spitting image of her grandmother Jacqueline Kennedy, the former First Lady, Emmy winner, and fashion icon (via IMDb). A school teacher of Rose's once told Kennedy biographer C. David Heymann, "She tried not to draw attention to herself, which was quite a task considering her family name. Rose looked like Jackie, perhaps even a bit sexier looking, though not as refined. She has the dark good looks of a Bouvier and the sensibility of a Kennedy" (per the New York Post). However, dubbed "Jackie 2.0" for her hazelnut eyes, brunette hair, and signature red lips, there's a lot more to Rose than her striking resemblance to her stylish grandmother.

She Was Named After Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK's Mother

Rose Schlossberg was born on June 25, 1988, in New York, per IMDb. According to Pop Sugar, Jacqueline named Rose after JFK's mother. This is strange because Jacqueline and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy apparently had a tumultuous relationship. Heymann quotes an unidentified confidant of the former first lady as saying, "Kennedy women were treated like second-class citizens, and Jackie refused to play second fiddle" [via UPI].

Jacqueline not only named her but made efforts to spend plenty of time with her granddaughter until she died of cancer in 1994 at 64 years old (per The New York Times). The duo would go to Central Park, museums, and school field trips together. According to Kennedy biographer Christopher Andersen, "Jackie, who lived just a few blocks away from the Schlossberg's on the Upper East Side, saw Rose basically every day and doted on her. Jackie knew it was important to sow the seeds of good behavior early on, and she tried to do that in the final years of her life. It was a mission for her" (via the New York Post). 

She Is An Ivy League Graduate, An Actor And A Filmmaker

According to the New York Post, after attending a private all-girls school in New York City, Rose went to Harvard University to pursue her bachelor's degree in English studies. Like Jacqueline, she cultivated an interest in fashion and took film courses at Harvard. In 2013, she earned her Master of Professional Studies from New York University.

Three years later, the internet went into a tizzy after watching "End Times Girls Club," a mini six-episode web series co-created by Rose. She also starred in the comedy series, which delved into "surviving an apocalypse" (via YouTube).

"It came up as a response to seeing the way that New York responded to Hurricane Sandy, and how people were grossly underprepared –- specifically, girls in damsel in distress mode. I thought it would be interesting to create this world where girls have to be survivalists without compromising their cute factor," Rose told Mashable. Along with "End Time Girls Club," she has acted in "Houses and Small Gay Tragedy," and produced a six-episode docuseries "TIME: The Kalief Browder Story," per IMDb.

Rose Is Semi-Active In Politics

While Caroline represents the Kennedys in the political circles now, per Kennedy family historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. "Rose is the leader of the pack — her opinion counts. She is highly regarded within the ever-expanding (Kennedy) circle. In many respects, she is the face and future of the clan" (via the New York Post).

Though she has shown no political aspirations so far (is it the Kennedy curse or Jacqueline's DNA?), Rose Schlossberg is not aloof to the family business. She supported Barack Obama in the run-up to his 2008 presidential campaign, per Vogue. She also reportedly advised her mother to drop out of the 2008 New York Senate race (via New York Magazine) and volunteered for Democrat Alan Khazei's campaign for Massachusetts Senate in 2010 (via Irish Central).

Besides inheriting her grandmother's good looks, Rose has also inherited the perks of being a Kennedy. In 2021 Page Six snapped some photos of Rose and her brother Jack enjoying the vast family property in Martha's Vineyard. Called Red Gate Farm, the property was a retreat for Jacqueline Kennedy, who bought the 340 acres of undeveloped land in 1979, according to Christie's Real Estate. The homes on the luxurious property are surrounded by a nature preserve and include a mile of Atlantic coastline. It also boasted a "fairy treehouse" for the former first lady's grandchildren. Per The Providence Journal, the family sold all but 95 acres of the land in 2020 to two non-profit land conservation organizations that plan to open the preserve to the public.