The Untold Truth Of Hunter Biden

Born in 1970 in Wilmington, Delaware, Hunter Biden is the only living son of President Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia Hunter, per the BBC. In December 1972, a tragic car accident shattered his family's future one week before Christmas. Biden sustained a fractured skull and his brother Beau Biden a broken leg. Tragically, their mother and infant sister died as a result of the crash.

Later, Hunter Biden attended Georgetown University and Yale Law School, but he remained haunted by his mother and baby sister's deaths. In an interview with CBS News about his memoir "Beautiful Things," Biden reflected on his serious struggles with drug abuse and how the loss of his mother and sister planted the seeds for these issues: "I am more convinced now, that trauma is at the center of it." His problems with substance abuse led to discharge from the Navy Reserves on his first day of service for cocaine abuse.

"Beautiful Things" details his substance abuse struggles and how painting helped him through multiple stints in rehab. But the New York Post points out his forays into the art world came with scandal, too. In 2021, he hosted a premier solo art show with paintings listed between $75,000 and $500,000. Buyers remained anonymous. Art critics and ethics watchdogs denounced the show as capitalizing on his father's presidential position. But this is the tip of the iceberg regarding the untold truth about America's first son.

Hunter Biden's lavish lifestyle masks tax issues

CNN recently uncovered email exchanges between Hunter Biden and his accountant, Bill Morgan. Stretching back to 2015, the accountant warned Biden about unfiled taxes, payment schedules, and unanswered IRS notices. Things reached a near impasse in the fall of 2018 when the IRS notified the State Department about $158,000 in tax debt, advising against renewal of Biden's passport.

Nevertheless, Biden led an outwardly high-end lifestyle, contributing to a constant onslaught of bills. In more emails verified by CNN, Biden and his assistant paint a dismal picture of ongoing financial troubles. For example, a message dated December 2018 discusses a $1,700 payment for a Porsche left unpaid due to "insufficient funds." Other messages from banks and lenders warned Biden about low balances and maxed-out credit cards. 

Other emails discuss salary owed to his assistant as well as a shocking final tally of alleged bills. These included $370,000 in back taxes and $120,000 in other debt, according to his assistant. His assistant has since refused to comment on these allegations, but his attorney, Chris Clark, reports, "He is current on his tax obligations and is committed to remaining so as he continues his recovery from addiction." The Wall Street Journal confirms Biden has paid roughly $1 million in unpaid taxes but doesn't explain if any debt remains. A federal probe into these allegations may lead to charges for alleged tax violations (via CNN).

He's under federal investigation

Besides possible charges due to tax violations, Hunter Biden faces federal investigation and scrutiny for business dealings, as reported by the Washington Times. This is confirmed by CNN, which reports that David Weiss, a Delaware-based U.S. Attorney, and those leading the investigation have reached a critical juncture as the Department of Justice (DOJ) weighs possible criminal charges.

Of course, these investigations have proven politically fraught, leading officials to rely on guidelines from the Justice Department regarding sensitive investigations. This has included the mention of a so-called "unwritten rule" that prosecutions not be brought for 60 days before an election. But critics of this argument point out that Joe Biden appears nowhere on 2022 midterm election ballots, which they have concluded make Hunter Biden fair game.

In a probe that started in 2018, law enforcement officials have examined former business partners and lobbyists associated with Biden. They've also spoken with anybody who has knowledge of his financial activities, including Lunden Roberts, a former stripper that birthed Biden's child, per the New York Post. According to emails between Biden and his assistant as well as financial documentation, Roberts was on Biden's payroll throughout her pregnancy despite the fact he claimed no memory of her or their relationship. Other troubling allegations include violations of foreign lobbying, money laundering, and firearm laws.

Sean Hannity attempted to get Hunter Biden pardoned

As early as December 2020, Hunter Biden was a perpetual topic within Republican camps for an unlikely reason, as reported by The National Interest. Instead of attempting to nail him against the wall, these political foes weighed the real possibility of pardoning Vice President Joe Biden's son, and they needed buy-in from then-President Donald J. Trump to do it. Although this sounded like a counterintuitive move, it belied the complex nature of the situation.

Some within the Republican party felt they'd seen the writing on the wall. They argued President Biden would appoint the next Attorney General, which meant he could handpick the individual who would decide whether to pursue charges in association with Hunter Biden. Prosecuting Biden could also open the doorway to target members of the Trump family, these individuals rationalized.

Following the events on January 6, 2021, Sean Hannity joined the growing chorus of voices asking President Donald J. Trump to pardon Hunter Biden as a conciliatory gesture (via The Guardian). Hannity's involvement in the urge to pardon Biden was released during January 6 Committee hearings by the House of Representatives. One text he sent to then White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated that Hannity "was intrigued by the pardon idea!!"

Hunter Biden's meetings with his dad under scrutiny

According to the New York Post, Hunter Biden's infamous laptop has revealed that Biden met with his father 30 times or more at the White House and the vice president's home between 2008 and 2016. These meetings occurred within days of international business trips and have led to speculation that Biden relayed messages from foreign clients to his father, then vice president Joe Biden.

Even more troubling are calendar invites that show Erin Schwerin, president of Rosemont Seneca Partners (owned by Hunter Biden), invited to 21 of these meetings. The majority of these invitations have green checks by them, confirming Schwerin's receipt. As a long-time associate of Hunter Biden, Schwerin also had access to Vice President Joe Biden's personal financial data.  

According to the National Review (via Yahoo), Joe Biden has long claimed no knowledge of his son's international business dealings. Yet, records show that he met with at least 14 of his son's business associates while serving as vice president. These included domestic business people along with individuals from China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Mexico who met then vice president Joe Biden at the White House. What's more, text messages have revealed that Hunter Biden often footed the bill for family expenses, including upkeep and repairs to Joe Biden's lakefront residence in Wilmington, Delaware, per the New York Post.

Billionaire Chinese and Russian oligarchs wined and dined him

In 2012, Hunter Biden went on a whirlwind business trip to Moscow, Russia, where various billionaire oligarchs wined and dined him, as reported by the New York Post. Among these oligarchs was Telman Ismailov, who has since been accused of paying $2 million to a hitman to nix two entrepreneurs-slash-enemies. Biden's meeting with Ismailov marked one part of a larger itinerary to rub elbows with Russia's most powerful and influential people and seek investors for Rosemont Realty, a division of Rosemont Seneca Heinz, owned by Biden.

The meetings have drawn great scrutiny especially when it comes to what was discussed and whether Biden arranged special access to his father, then vice president Joe Biden. Questions surrounding the meetings are further enhanced by his calendar, which showed a meeting with his father within days of returning home from Russia. According to the New York Post, this follows a pattern established by Biden to meet with his father immediately after high-profile business interactions.

Besides Russian oligarchs, Hunter Biden also networked with billionaire oligarchs in China and received gifts from them (via the New York Post). For example, he was given an $80,000 diamond by Ye Jianming, boss of the Chinese Energy Company CEFC. Critics of these meetings suggest that Hunter Biden used his political connections, especially through his father, for personal and perpetual financial gain.

He had connections in high places

As the examination of Hunter Biden's laptop continues, it has revealed more puzzling and damning evidence, per the New York Post. This included contact information for at least 10 senior Google executives and a slew of American officials who oversaw U.S.-China relations. Experts have suggested these connections helped Hunter Biden with his business goals in China (along with his use of the Biden family name while his dad served as vice president).

This has been confirmed by at least one Google exec who told the New York Post that Biden contacted them to provide cash for business ventures in China. What's more, the lines between the tech giant and the White House appear to have been surprisingly fluid. Several of Google's heads made the transition to the Obama-Biden administration. According to another article by the New York Post, Hunter Biden's business activities in China persisted for at least seven years, often overlapping with his father's vice presidency. 

When these dealings led some to raise their eyebrows, Vice President Biden consistently denied any knowledge of these ventures. By the time the Justice Department opened a probe into Hunter Biden's tax affairs in 2018, Biden's business ties with foreign entities in China and Ukraine started to emerge. What's more, he failed to report $400,000 in income for his work on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. Clearly, he had a knack for making and keeping friends in high places the world over.

He received millions in payments from a Chinese energy company

In March 2022, The Washington Post revealed approximately 22,000 emails dating from 2009 to 2019 had been verified as authentic. The authentication process involved two security experts who validated the emails by examining their cryptographic signatures from technology companies like Google. Many of these emails dealt with Hunter Biden's international wheeling and dealing.

For example, the emails showed that entities owned by Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, received $4.8 million in payments from Chinese energy company CEFC between 2017 and 2018 (via MSNBC). According to documents associated with the deal, Hunter Biden also allegedly received a one-time retainer of $500,000 and monthly stipends of $100,000. As for the president's brother, James Biden, he enjoyed a $65,000 monthly retainer. Despite claiming to be a privately held company, CEFC has ties to the People's Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist Party.

Among the individuals Hunter Biden did business with in China was Ye Jianming, a Chinese oil tycoon, who gifted Biden a three-carat diamond, per the New York Post. Their meeting paved the way for a natural gas project stateside in Louisiana (via The Washington Post). But the deal soured after the Chinese government detained Ye on charges of corruption, and the oil businessman went missing. Interestingly, a 2011 congressional report identified Ye for serving as the deputy secretary of the China Association for International Friendly Contacts. The report referred to this organization as a cover for the People's Liberation Army.

Hunter Biden took Air Force 2 in 2013 to meet Xi Jinping

Hunter Biden hopped on Air Force 2 with his dad, then vice president Joe Biden, to visit Beijing in 2013 (via the New York Post). Vice President Biden was on a mission to improve relations with China. But Hunter Biden had entirely different motivations. He wanted to meet with Jonathan Li, a Chinese financier, to make yet another deal.

As the helmsman of Bohai Capital, a private-equity fund, Li was well-positioned to further Hunter Biden's financial goals. Although we don't know exactly what went on between them, Vice President Joe Biden did humor Li with a handshake. What's more, 10 days after the meeting between Li and Hunter Biden, Bohai Harvest received approval from Chinese officials. Bohai Harvest was a new company created by Li to provide funding to international projects Hunter Biden had been attempting to spearhead for more than a year.

But perhaps the most shocking information to emerge from Hunter Biden's many connections in China has been the identification of Joe Biden as "the big guy" in several email exchanges. According to one email, the so-called big guy was set to receive an equity stake of 10% in a deal with CEFC. Hunter Biden's former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, has also confirmed that President Biden went by "the big guy" in Hunter Biden's dealings.

He lived with his sister-in-law while sexting her married sister

Beau Biden died of a brain tumor in 2015, and Hunter Biden moved in with his deceased brother's wife, Hallie Olivere, per the New York Post and International Business Times. By 2016, they had a tempestuous relationship that ended badly. Disturbing text exchanges beginning in 2018 show Hunter Biden begging Olivere to get screened for HIV as well as accusing her of having a negative impact on his mental health.  

To further complicate the matter, text messages show that Hunter Biden carried on a sexting relationship with Olivere's married sister, Elizabeth Secundy. Besides texting, the couple also attended raunchy parties together. Like many of the allegations surrounding his business dealings, the salacious details about his personal relationships came from his infamous laptop.

In the text exchanges, Secundy said she loved him on several occasion and referred to him as her "prince." In return, he offered to buy her panties, among other things. By July 2016, Biden rented a house to live with Secundy, and they continued dating until 2018. Meanwhile, Biden remained married to his first wife Kathleen Buhle until 2017, according to the Boston Herald. Sadly, Buhle wouldn't learn of her husband's affair with Olivere until her children told her (via Vanity Fair). If this wasn't enough, in August 2018, former stripper Lunden Roberts gave birth to Hunter Biden's love child, and he went on to marry Melissa Cohen just months later.

He once worked at MBNA

According to the BBC, Hunter Biden worked at MBNA in the early 2000s, eventually rising to the position of executive vice president. But MBNA had troubling links to Hunter Biden's father, Joe Biden, as one of his top campaign contributors. What's more, Joe Biden allegedly passed legislation regarding bankruptcy reform perceived as beneficial to the bank. For these reasons, he earned the nickname "the senator from MBNA."

While still receiving consulting fees from MBNA, Hunter Biden opened his own lobbying practice, working with clients who also had a vested interest in gaining access to Joe Biden. Nevertheless, the two men continued to claim that they never mixed business with family.

Besides connections with MBNA, Biden got involved in Paradigm Global Advisors, a hedge fund. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Joe Biden served on the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate simultaneously. But Paradigm Global Advisors faced allegations. This included being implicated in the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history. The Bidens asserted they had done nothing wrong, and charges were never brought against them.

He has ties to Ukraine

Out of all the allegations and controversies swirling around Hunter Biden, his dealings in Ukraine have received the greatest scrutiny, as reported by the BBC. Hunter Biden took on a role at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, in 2014. For his services, he received $50,000 per month.

At the same time, Vice President Joe Biden called for the removal of Viktor Shokin, Ukraine's top prosecutor due to his involvement in investigations of corruption. But some have claimed that Shokin lost his job due to an ongoing investigation of Burisma. Fanning the flames of the fire was a videotape from January 2018 where Joe Biden bragged about how he forced Ukrainian officials to fire Shokin, as reported by Real Clear Politics. In the video, Biden said he threatened to withhold military funding to Ukraine until the prosecutor got removed.

Hunter Biden has since resigned from Burisma Holdings, but not before causing more scandal when emails surfaced of Biden setting up a meeting between officials at Burisma Holdings and his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, in 2015. These findings motivated U.S. Republican lawmakers to declare Hunter Biden's work with Burisma as "problematic." For his part, Biden has stated, "I can say this, I'm co-operating, completely. And I'm absolutely certain, 100 percent certain, that at the end of the investigation, that I will be cleared of any wrongdoing."