Inside Debbie Reynolds' Heartbreaking Final Words

If you've seen the 1952 movie "Singin' in the Rain," you're familiar with Debbie Reynolds, a film star who's known, among other things, for performing in a string of musical rom-coms during Hollywood's Golden Era (via The New York Times). Born in 1932, Reynolds grew up in a Texas railroad family before they made their way to California. It was in California that Reynolds, a teenager, was scouted by Warner Bros. to become a star, according to The New York Times. Reynolds' career encompasses a variety of films, starting from her first movie in 1948 through her last in 2013, according to Britannica.

In addition to her cinematic accomplishments, Reynolds was also known for her sometimes-messy personal life. Reynolds had three husbands over the course of her life, including Eddie Fisher, whom she married in 1955, according to The New York Times. They had two children together, Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher, reports IMDb, before Eddie went on to cheat on his wife with their mutual friend, Elizabeth Taylor, whose own husband had recently died. Both of Reynolds' other marriages also ended in divorce, according to The New York Times.

But perhaps the biggest tragedy in Reynolds' life occurred the day before she died. It's reflected in her heartbreaking last words.

Debbie Reynolds' life and legacy

Though Reynolds became a famous, successful movie star, she didn't always aspire to the big screen. In fact, as a kid, she wanted to be a gym teacher, according to The New York Times. Her turn toward stardom was an unexpected result following a California beauty pageant (via IMDb).

Reynolds was in her early 20s when she married Eddie Fisher, a relationship that ended only four years later (via The New York Times). Reynolds' second and third marriages — to Harry Karl and Richard Hamlett, respectively — lasted longer, over a decade each, but ultimately didn't work out either.

Reynolds' daughter was also famous. Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films and was an A-list celebrity in the 1970s before she went on to become a writer, with several novels and memoirs to her credit, according to Britannica. Fisher also dealt with bipolar disorder and addiction, People reports.

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Reynolds' daughter died the day before she did

In 2016, tragedy struck the Fisher-Reynolds family when Carrie Fisher died at only 60 years old, according to People. She was on a plane ride from London to L.A. when she had a heart attack. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated for three days, according to the BBC, but she ultimately died on December 27, 2016. She was survived by her daughter, Billie Lourd, as well as her mother and brother.

But the tragedy wasn't over for the family. The next day, Reynolds went over to the house of her son, Todd Fisher, to prepare for the funeral, the BBC reports. While they were discussing funeral arrangements, Todd reports she said, "I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie," according to TMZ. Less than a quarter of an hour later, Reynolds began to experience breathing issues and what was later diagnosed as a stroke (via BBC). She died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 28. After her death, Todd Fisher said of his mother, "She's now with Carrie and we're all heartbroken," according to the BBC.