Elvis Presley's Split With Priscilla Presley Once Reached A Disturbing Climax

Just like all icons of his caliber, Elvis Presley had legions of fans. This can be taken for granted, of course, but the thing that some may not have considered is just how deeply their dedication ran. They shrieked with excitement at the sight of him, he was hound-dogged everywhere he went, but that seems to be the price of celebrity: rarely having a private moment again.

Similarly, as with all stars, Presley seemed to have a curious relationship with the worldwide legendary status he developed. His electrifying performances seemed to demonstrate a man in his element, but away from the stage, he seemed to struggle with the limelight. In a 2022 interview, per the Express, ex-wife Priscilla Presley stated that the legend "... performed, but if you look back he hardly did any interviews." According to her, he "never really got into fame."

Fame did, however, afford Presley considerable power: perhaps power of the most sinister and surprising kind. Around the time of his separation from Priscilla, he may have pondered sending an assassin after a romantic partner of hers.

The Presleys' romance had a sad ending

Elvis and Priscilla met in 1959, per Today, at a party in Germany. Priscilla's father was serving there with the U.S. Air Force at the time, as was Presley during his time in the army. Four years later, Priscilla was studying in Memphis, and 1967 saw the couple marry. Shortly afterward, Priscilla became pregnant, and their relationship became increasingly strained.

According to Biography, Presley controlled his new wife, asking her to change her hairstyle and her clothing to resemble his. She grew to discover that this wasn't right for her, that she wanted to assert herself. She embarked on an affair, and the so-called King of Rock 'n' Roll (who has been linked to numerous women for his part), responded angrily when he heard of this.

Per the outlet, Priscilla was learning karate, and her instructor, Mike Stone, was the man she had an affair with. Reportedly, he had to be convinced not to dispatch a hitman to kill Stone.

The assassination that never was

In 1985, Barbara Walters interviewed Priscilla Presley. The two women acknowledged Priscilla's affair with Stone, via YouTube, and then Walters swiftly tackled the heart of the matter. She asked, "it was said that Elvis tried to kill him ... wanted him killed. Do you believe that?"

It speaks volumes for the state of their relationship, how bitter and painful it must have been, that Priscilla conceded that he may have been thinking just that. "I think at that time, yes ... he wanted that to happen." When pressed as to whether she thought Elvis would have actually acted on this terrible impulse and arranged a hitman, however, she was doubtful. "No," she told Walters. "A lot of it was talk ... anger, talking out of emotion."

In 2016, Chris Hutchins, who had been close to the Presleys, wrote in the Daily Mail that Priscilla and Stone had a luxurious home in Beverly Hills (from the divorce settlement). Hutchins states that Presley had indeed ordered Stones' killing, but that a member of his entourage had tamed his temper and stopped him from going through with the plan.

It's tragic that a relationship as committed as that of the Presleys went so sour. That's often the case with such high-profile romances, though. Ultimately, though, it's a relief that the King didn't go through with something terrible enough to taint his reputation forever.