Channing Hamilton

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Atlanta, Georgia
University Of Georgia
Historical Theology, Ecology, Canine Species
  • Channing spent most of their free time in their childhood writing and the rest of that free time daydreaming about writing. They are now grown up — and a news writer for Grunge.
  • They have a history with writing and editing as well as a broad and adaptable style and skillset. They have experience in everything from real estate publications, to fiction writing, to tips and tricks about fiction writing, to popular science and history articles, and more.
  • They are in the process of writing their first novel.


Channing Hamilton is a freelance writer specializing in history and science content— particularly the weird, eccentric, and wonderful. While studying, they worked as a student assistant in the Binding and Preservation office, working with old books and documents, and also interned as a collections management assistant with the Laboratory of Archeology. They have written and edited for small publications and blog content such as Study Breaks and Word Slayers.


Channing graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in psychology, a minor in anthropology, and a minor in design and media.
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