Cory Parker

Washington State University
Pop Culture, Finance, Music, Film
  • Cory is a news writer at Nicki Swift.
  • He began his writing career over a year ago by finding the financial angle of the day's top stories. Eventually, he found his place piecing together the latest celebrity gossip, breaking news, and hot takes on current events.
  • As a writer, he's lucky enough to have worked at a few outlets before joining the Nicki Swift team, including TheThings and Kadikoy Weekly. He quickly became known for keeping an ear to the ground on current events and pop culture.


Cory got his start at The Richest, where Valnet challenged him to write captivating features related to trending topics. He quickly realized his passion for entertaining readers by bringing them the day's hottest stories before they could be found elsewhere. Eventually, he started to self-publish and attracted a legion of loyal followers.


He graduated cum laude from Washington State University after becoming a regular staple on the President's Honor Roll. He received the coveted Senior Award of Excellence upon graduation. After finishing a degree in Political Science with a focus on the Middle East, he moved to Istanbul to experience what he had studied firsthand.
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