J.E. Reich

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Pittsburgh, PA
Brooklyn College, Emerson College
Politics, Pop Culture, Entertainment, LGBTQ+ Issues, Books, Media, Feminism
  • J.E. Reich has reported about the intersection of politics and celebrity news -- especially in ways that aren't always obvious -- for sites like Jezebel and Slate.
  • They've also written extensively about true crime for publications like Autostraddle and Vanity Fair, with a particular emphasis on how true crime has affected them personally. In other cases, they've also reported on how individual crimes can have a much bigger impact on minority communities than what initially meets the eye for publications like Xtra Magazine, INTO, and others.
  • Throughout their career, they've dedicated themselves to the tenets of inclusivity and representation for those who are often sidelined or rendered voiceless.


J.E. Reich is a nonbinary LGBTQ+ journalist and fiction writer whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Slate, Insider, Xtra Magazine, Jezebel, INTO, The Toast, The Forward, Autostraddle, and other places. Working as a reporter and writer for well over a decade, they specialize in politics, celebrity must-knows, true crime, obscure facts, intersectionality, and everything in between.


J.E. Reich received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emerson College in writing, literature, and publishing in 2010 and a Master of Arts from Brooklyn College for English literature with a concentration in postcolonial studies in 2012.
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