Nathan M. Koozer

Photo of Nathan M. Koozer
Bellwood, PA
Penn State University, American Public University
American History, History, Weird History, Social History
  • Nathan does in-depth research.
  • Nathan places importance on differentiating between fact and myth.
  • Nathan uses only the best sources.


Nathan Koozer has had experience writing pieces for the National Park Service over the last 10 years. A busted dam, George Washington's first major military exploit (and defeat), a railroad built to conquer a mountain, the country home of Albert Gallatin, and the heroes of United Flight 93 are some of the stories that Nathan has written about. Nathan has a strong desire to get beneath the surface of any story to determine the facts. Nathan is not interested in passing along what has already been written, but providing his own unique interpretation for any writing topic.


Nathan possesses a B.A. in History from Penn State-Altoona and an M.A. in American History from American Public University. In addition to learning about the past, part of Nathan's education was about learning how to use, cite, and decipher proper sources for writing.
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