Pat Honovich

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Urbana, Illinois
Sarah Lawrence College
Fantasy, Movies, Literature
  • Pat has been writing for more than 20 years, largely focused on fiction with some academia thrown in.
  • An avid consumer of pop culture, he loves unearthing forgotten gems -- movies, books, TV, comics -- and loves the often-overlooked backstories behind some of our favorite icons and favorite franchises.
  • Since he's an inveterate readers, Pat is also an inveterate investigator, always asking and answering the bigger questions behind a work or suite of works.


Pat is a storyteller and likes nothing more than finding out and sharing the stories behind or beneath things. He specializes in literature and literary analysis but enjoys digging up obscure information on a variety of subjects. Wherever there's a story to be unearthed, he's likely there. He's been gleefully concocting stories since he was a small child, turned to professional stories in the mid-90s, and hasn't looked back since. His first novel, "Thirst," was published in 2012.


Pat went to Sarah Lawrence College and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2001. He also took courses at the University of Houston and took an intensive immersive study of German at the Goethe Institut in Munich.
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