Sophie Dunne

Los Angeles, CA
History, Feminism, LGBTQ+
  • Sophie is a journalist covering topics on history, women's studies, and LGBTQ+ issues, but her main passion is examining the roles of women throughout history. Sophie has also published an Amazon best-selling poetic narrative called "Company Alone."
  • Sophie co-hosts a popular women's empowerment podcast called "she." by "shifting her experience," which is in the top 2% of global podcasts. As part of the "shifting her experience" brand, Sophie has also published a self-reflective journal called, "reflect." with her co-host and fiancée, Tiana.
  • Sophie is also an Editor and Content Strategist at Mighty Scribes.


Sophie has years of experience writing on a wide variety of topics that include history, feminism, LGBTQ+, health and wellbeing, medical, travel, fun facts, and poetry — as seen in her books, "Company Alone" and "reflect." However, her true passion is reviewing the contributions of women in society down through the ages and doing her bit to represent women in all spaces. Her bylines can be found in Women's Health, WebMD, and Obsev. For four years, Sophie also worked as Cabin Crew for Emirates while writing as a freelancer. Having visited 70 countries, her knowledge of different cultures and experiences has inspired her to write even more.


Sophie has a B.A. Honors Degree in Humanities from her home country, Ireland. During her Humanities course, she studied English, History, Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Studies, and Psychology. These wide-ranging topics qualify her to report and critique on a vast scale of subjects.
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