Sylvia-Marah Boune

California, USA
University Of California, Santa Cruz
Book Reviewer, Film And TV Critic. Astrology And Mythology Enthusiast.
  • In college, Ms. Boune studied film, creative writing, and the history of consciousness, while majoring in modern literature.
  • Sylvia-Marah has a Certificate in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • As a creative writer, Sylvia-Marah has an intimate knowledge of the elements of storytelling. Her familiarity with plot, character, story structure, and archetypes gives her insight into the mythic structure of both film and television.


Sylvia-Marah is a speculative fiction writer with a penchant for fantasy. She is currently querying literary agents with her first fantasy novel. Ms. Boune is also a book reviewer and voracious reader as well as a film, TV and culture writer. Her writing has been featured on Looper and Elephant Journal.


Ms. Boune has a B.A. in Modern Literature. She has continued her studies in depth psychology, mythology, and astrology through retreats and certificate courses at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
Stories By Sylvia-Marah Boune