Tanja M. Laden

Photo of Tanja M. Laden
Los Angeles, CA
Occidental College
International Travel, Offbeat History, Arts And Culture
  • Tanja has visited 50 countries (and counting).
  • She once raced a camel in the International Camel & Ostrich Races in Viriginia City, Nevada.
  • She also spent a day at the Icelandic Elf School.


Tanja has written for Playboy, Food & Wine, Juxtapoz, Los Angeles Times, KCET, LA Weekly, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Atlas Obscura, and many, many other outlets. She has also created sponsored content for brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Disney, SyFy, Espolon Tequila, and Beck's Brewery, just to name a few. Additionally, Tanja is a former staff editor at High Times and wrote a weekly column for VICE. She is the author of a book called "Assistance League of Los Angeles: The First 100 Years."


Tanja has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Occidental College, where she studied everything from medieval torture to the Leopold and Loeb case to the Hollywood blacklist and beyond.
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