Tanja M. Laden

Photo of Tanja M. Laden
Los Angeles, CA
Occidental College
Arts, Travel, Oddities
  • Tanja is a freelance news editor with Grunge News.
  • She has written about a wide range of topics, including arts and culture, travel, and technology. She is especially drawn to the lesser-known and curious aspects of culture and society.
  • Tanja is also a proud world-traveler, having visited 50 countries and five continents to date.


Tanja has written for Playboy, Food & Wine, Juxtapoz, the Los Angeles Times, KCET, LA Weekly, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Atlas Obscura, and many, many other outlets. She is a former staff editor at High Times and wrote a weekly column for VICE. She is also the author of the book "Assistance League of Los Angeles: The First 100 Years."


Tanja has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Occidental College, where she studied everything from medieval torture to the Leopold and Loeb case to the Hollywood blacklist and beyond.