Todd Jacobs

Photo of Todd Jacobs
Atlanta, GA
Terry Sanford High School
Methodist College
Celebrity News, Sports, Film
  • Todd is a Nicki Swift features writer and member of the time-sensitive team.
  • He has previously written for The Superficial, I Don't Like You In That Way, Looper, Nicki Swift, AMG/Parade, and several sites across Evolve Media.
  • His editor's routinely ask him to utilize the "Todd voice" during his work and is considered the go-to guy for Nicki Swift's sports-related content.


Todd got his start on the widely successful The Superficial before become the Managing Editor and head writer for the celebrity gossip site I Don't Like You In That Way for 10 years. In 2013, Forbes described the site as having a "decidedly acid tongue that leaves no question as to how they feel about each personality they cover." True story. Todd joined Static Media in 2017 as a features writer before coming to the test pilot for the News division. He currently enjoys trying to pitch every sports-related article he can and watching his debut horror script make the rounds in Los Angeles. He also enjoys iced Americanos way too much. He also has written for Evolve Media and AMG/Parade covering a multitude of topics.


Todd attended Terry Sanford High School, before attending Methodist College. During his freshman year, and article he wrote for the school paper got him a jobs as a stringer for the city paper.
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