Why Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Had People Making Jokes About Les Dawson

Some viewers of Queen Elizabeth's funeral tuned in hoping to see a performance by famous musician Sir Elton John. Others may have expected more simple, classical orchestral music. But what watchers got was neither of those things. Instead, the queen's funeral was conducted with organ music blaring in the background — tunes some people have dubbed "ominous," per the Daily Mail. In fact, the organ music was so universally disliked that jokes about it started trending on Twitter — including digs comparing it to music by Les Dawson.

For those not familiar with his work, Les Dawson is a British comedian and musician, according to British Comedy Guide. He even had his own sketch show called "The Dawson Watch," which ran during the 1970s and 1980s. One of the frequent gags on Dawson's shows was when Dawson put on a deliberately bad piano performance. Those performances were an assault on viewers' eardrums — which, according to some viewers of the queen's funeral, put him just about on par with the organist.

Why Les Dawson was trending on Twitter

Plenty of people took to Twitter to complain about the music at the funeral. "Good to see they brought Les Dawson back from the dead to play the organ," one Twitter user wrote. "It's what she would've wanted!" Another user said, "Who the hell is playing that exit music on the organ, LES DAWSON? She would have winced and smiled." Other people saw that Les Dawson was trending and got confused. "When you look to see what's trending during the queens [sic] funeral and spot Les Dawson?!" one user wrote, alongside a crying laughing emoji.

According to the Daily Mail, some Twitter users jokingly asked if the organ was perhaps out of tune. Elsewhere, users raised comparisons to the creepy music played in the background of tense "Game of Thrones" scenes, with one person writing, "This last organ piece has gotten very dramatic #GameofThrones moment."