The Eerie Project Jeffrey Dahmer Was Working On At The Time He Was Captured

Netflix is streaming a new inside look into the illness that tormented the mind of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. According to Biography, Dahmer brutally murdered and desecrated the bodies of no less that 17 different men between 1978 and 1991. He was ultimately sentenced to life behind bars for his crimes, though he met an early demise on November 28, 1994 when a fellow inmate killed him and another prisoner with a metal bar during a work detail. The 10-part "Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" is one of many recitations of the late killer's heinous saga. (The trailer is posted on YouTube.)

Making up part of the tragic saga of Jeffrey Dahmer are the devastating stories of grisly human experiments, necrophilia, and cannibalism. However, Fox News reports that there was another project that the killer had in the works before he was apprehended by police, one that was posed to be his magnum opus of homicide. 

Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment of horrors

It was on July 22, 1991 that Dahmer's string of violent crime would finally come to an end. According to Biography, one Tracy Edwards, 32 years old, contacted police after he narrowly escaped Dahmer's Milwaukee apartment, where Dahmer reportedly drugged and intended to kill him. Authorities returned to the scene and arrested Dahmer on sight, and what they found within his residence was enough to inspire horrific, inescapable nightmares for the rest of their lives. Severed heads, body parts preserved in jars, human skulls, and a stash of Polaroid photos displaying the mutilated bodies of his unfortunate victims were exhumed during the rigorous search.

Without much hesitation, Dahmer promptly confessed to his crimes and accompanied police without a fight. His personal carnival of horrors still haunts those who bore witness to it. Fortunately, one of the most harrowing adornments within the apartment luckily never came to fruition. 

A shrine of human skulls

Had police arrested Jeffrey Dahmer at a later date, there's a very good chance they would have beheld a shrine of human skulls upon entering his apartment. According to Fox News, the so-called "Milwaukee Killer" had drafted up a rudimentary blueprint on a piece of yellow notebook paper that, at first glance, looked puzzling and nonsensical. However, upon further examination, investigators realized that it was in fact a sketch outline for a shrine that would display the skulls of Dahmer's victims. 

"The altar was meant to show off the preserved remains of several of his victims. He drew the sketch on a legal pad and dated it November 14, 1991," The Daily Mail U.K. reported. In his iconic interview with Nancy Glass on "Inside Edition" from 1993 (also posted on YouTube), Dahmer confessed to keeping pieces of his victims, including their skulls, as mementos. He claimed that it made him feel as though he were holding on to an abstract part of them that he could keep forever; something resembling a piece of their soul.