Luke Holden

Photo of Luke Holden
Nashville, TN
Michigan State University
Music, Film, Literature, Pop Culture
  • Luke is an excellent interviewer and conversationalist who is able to translate a verbal exchange into a fully formatted article built around it.
  • He is well read in classic literature that has granted him a distinct vernacular/critical thinking method and surmounts to his unique writing style.
  • Luke is able to incorporate humor and wordplay into a piece that accentuates it without becoming overbearingly sardonic/insincere.


Since September 2020, Luke has been a writer for a Nashville-based magazine/lifestyle brand called Mundane Magazine where he interviews musicians, reviews albums, and critiques films. He also writes for a company called Muze (in their blogging section) that helps musicians in a certain region network and learn tips about the trade. Since moving to Nashville in 2016, he has written/performed his own music that can be accessed on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.), interviewed various personalities for his own podcast, "The Devil You Know," and has taken an active role in facilitating relationships within the local music scene as a booking agent for Red Roots Music. He graduated from Michigan State University in 2014 with a degree in English that focused on Journalism and Film.


During his time at Michigan State University, Luke wrote two feature-length screenplays entirely on his own. He also studied English intensely, unpacking classic works of literature in elaborate reflections and assignments that assessed their significance and aesthetic.
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