The Disturbing Crime Scene Of Peter Porco

In November 2004, the unthinkable happened to Peter and Joan Porco. ABC News writes that someone broke into their home in Bethlehem, New York, and attacked them with an ax in their sleep. As the publication notes, nothing bad ever happened in Bethlehem; a crime like this was inconceivable. On November 15, Peter Porco, who worked at the Albany County courthouse, did not show up to work. His concerned coworkers sent a police officer to his home. There, the Times Union reports that Peter was found dead while his wife, who was heavily injured, was still alive in their upstairs bedroom.

Peter, per ABC News, was in a pool of his own blood near the home's entrance. Despite nearly being on death's door, Spectrum Local News states that Joan Porco told responding officers that her son, Christopher Porco, had been their assailant. According to All That's Interesting, Christopher was 21 and a student at the University of Rochester. He was also a troubled young man with a pension for burglarizing and lying. Eventually, his deception caught up to him. Christopher was in severe debt and he later forged documents to secure a loan in his father's name to pay for his tuition and for a yellow jeep.

ABC News explains that the Porcos discovered their son's actions. Both parents wrote emails to Christopher discussing their concerns. In Peter's email, he noted that he was going to be "forced to file forgery affidavits" if Christopher pulled a stunt like this again. Shortly after, the Porcos were attacked.

Peter Porco tried to go about his day

According to ABC News, Peter Porco did not immediately die after being ambushed by the ax-wielding assailant. Despite receiving 16 hits to the skull and jaw, the Times Union explains that Peter was alive for a few hours after the attack. The Albany County coroner's physician, Dr. Jeffrey Hubard, noted that this was because "There are no injuries there that are instantly or rapidly fatal." Thus, Peter got out of bed and proceeded to start his day. However, an extensive amount of blood was strewn across the home including the walls and doorways. ABC News goes on to say that Peter attempted to get ready for work and make breakfast.

All That's Interesting reports that he tried to pack his lunch and wrote a check to his son, Christopher. As a result, most of the kitchen, including dishes and the floor, was covered in Peter's blood (via ABC News). Per the Times Union, Peter behaved as if nothing had happened to him or his wife. He was perhaps oblivious to what had occurred and was running on adrenaline.

At one point, Peter locked himself out of his home while grabbing the newspaper (per All That's Interesting). He was able to remember the location of the spare key and made it back inside. Eventually, Peter collapsed and died. Spotlight News states that Peter was extensively maimed and had a deep cut from his skull to his brain. He suffered blows to the face, jaw, hands, arms, and forearms.

Christopher Porco's mother believes he is innocent

Assistant District Attorney Michael McDermott later described how Peter Porco was found. He stated (via ABC News), "And at the base of those stairs is the dead body of Peter Porco. Peter Porco is laying on the landing to the stairway going upstairs. His face is pointed up the stairs. His legs are dangling off the end of the landing. He's covered in blood, saturated in blood, and obviously suffered tremendous catastrophic injuries." Peter's wife, Joan, was found on a bed that was completely covered in blood. The ax that was used on the Porcos was discovered nearby. Joan lost her left eye and suffered from multiple head fractures.

Despite Joan telling first responders that her son Christopher was the one who attacked them, CBS News states that he denied all involvement and was asleep at the University of Rochester, 200 miles away at the time of the attack. Though he claimed he never left campus, surveillance video discredited this alibi as Christopher's yellow Jeep was seen driving in the direction of his parents' home hours before the murder.

According to CBS News, Christopher Porco was charged with his father's murder and the attempted murder of his mother in November 2005. Christopher continued to claim his innocence and his mother later recanted her admission. Joan argued that she was unable to remember what happened the night of the attack but knew that her son could have never killed her husband. Even so, Christopher Porco was convicted and handed a 50-year sentence, per All Spectrum News. He will be eligible for parole in 2052.