What Do Neighbors Say About Marie Elizabeth's Apartment From Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries

Typically focused on very real unsolved and disputed criminal investigations, the "Unsolved Mysteries" season 3 episode entitled, "The Ghost in Apartment 14" takes on more supernatural subject matter. The eighth installment of the popular true crime series, available to watch now on Netflix, explores whether a mother and her young daughter living in Chico, California could have been haunted by the ghost of a woman. That woman also lived in the same apartment but disappeared years earlier.

The mother and daughter, Jodi Foster and 3-year-old Hannah, had no prior knowledge of apartment 14's previous tenant, who was named Marie Elizabeth "Marliz" Spannhake (per Newsweek). Neither did they know she went missing or what had happened to her. Several details in the Fosters story, though, do coincide with the Spannhake case. If Jodi heard what those living near apartment 14 had to say, she might have reconsidered her living situation, and things for the Fosters may have turned out quite differently (via Netflix).

Hannah's imaginary friend was named 'Myliz'

Signs that something was wrong in apartment 14 reportedly first showed up for the Foster family when Jodi began having nightmares shortly after she and her daughter, Hannah, moved in (via Netflix). Around that same time, unexplained things reportedly began to happen, such as cupboard doors opening and closing on their own, and Hannah's toys seeming to take on lives of their own, according to the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode (via Newsweek). In one dream, Jodi encountered a menacing couple; in another, she saw the numbers "35.76," as Fiction Horizon writes.

Also, around that same time, Hannah adopted an imaginary friend. Though that's not unusual for a child that age, it was what the young girl called that "invisible friend" that proves chilling: Myliz, which is alarmingly close to "Marliz." At that time, Jodi knew nothing of the Spannhake case. Years later, she learned what happened in the apartment in the 1970s and began to make connections. When Hannah Foster — now grown — saw a picture of Spannhake, she confirmed it was the face she visualized in her head as a child when visited by her invisible friend, Myliz.

The Fosters moved out of apartment 14

After learning of what happened to Spannhake while living in apartment 14, Jodi and Hannah Foster were driven out by the alleged supernatural occurrences. Once Jodi found out about Spannhake, that she learned how Spannhake went missing one night after an argument with her boyfriend and was later believed to have been abducted, tortured, and sexually assaulted by Cameron Hooker. Authorities were reportedly informed what had happened through his wife, Janice Hooker, who told the police that Spannhake was buried in Lassen Volcanic National Park (pictured).

At the time, without a body and little evidence to link Hooker with the crime besides his wife's confession, Hooker was not charged. However, he is now serving more than 100 years in prison for a similar crime, per Newsweek. Spannhake's body was never found. As for the Fosters' one-time neighbors in apartment 14, they reported no one who ever moved into the apartment stayed very long, according to Fiction Horizon. It was also from one of her neighbors at that time that Jodi learned about the Spannhake story and who also showed the Foster family the picture of Marliz — the face Hannah remembers from childhood (per Buzzfeed).