A Vat Of Boiling Caramel Spelled Doom For A Russian Factory Worker

Remember when you were a child and your mother insisted on reminding you over and over again that sweets were bad for your health? According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are a many side-effects and health pitfalls that one can fall victim to if they regularly indulge in too much sugar, so she certainly wasn't wrong. Of course, if you're someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth, these are mostly things you don't have to worry about. The rest of us, however, should heed the warnings of doctors, health experts, and... caramel factories?

Maybe you harbor looming anxieties of diabetes, obesity, or rotting teeth, but you likely never imagined that drowning in a vat of sweets could spell your undoing. It sounds like a near impossible fate, but one Russian factory worker found out the hard way that a big ol' cauldron of caramel could indeed become a fatal foe (via Independent U.K.). 

Natalia Nemets' unfortunate accident

In October of 2017, Natalia Nemets, 36, arrived at work expecting nothing short of another regular day at the caramel factory. The Russian mother of one performed numerous duties at the facility, one of which was cleaning the massive steel tanks used to mix the sweet and syrupy substance. According to Daily Mail U.K., Nemets' coworkers grew concerned after they hadn't heard from her or seen her for an unusual amount of time, so they started to search the premises.

Their horrific discovery was something they won't soon forget. Daily Mail U.K. reports that several factory personnel observed a pair of feet sticking out of one of the steel tanks that was filled with piping hot caramel — feet belonging to none other than Natalia Nemets. Apparently, she was cleaning the tank when it suddenly started to fill with molten caramel, engulfing her before she could cry for help.

Nemets was boiled alive in hot caramel

According to Independent U.K., caramel boils at an astoundingly high temperature. It was later determined that Natalia Nemets tragically boiled to death in the vat of caramel after it fully submerged her. Several of her grieving co-workers provided comments to a local newspaper, the Komsomolskaya Pravda, and remarked how none of them saw the incident take place and couldn't explain exactly how Natalia came to be in the tank in the first place. Some suspect that she was stationed above it at the time during her cleaning duties, and may have passed out from the heat fumes before tragically falling to her death (per Daily Mail U.K.). 

After noticing her feet protruding from the massive pool of caramel, factory workers emptied the tank and pulled her body from the mess. Sadly, it was too late and she was already dead, as Daily Mail U.K. reports. Apparently, Nemets is one of three different workers to have died in the same caramel factory in 2017 alone.