Where Are Betty Gore's Children Today?

On June 30, 1980, Allan Gore traveled to Minnesota from his home in Wylie, Texas, for a business trip. When he arrived at his destination, he attempted to contact his wife, Betty, but she did not answer the phone. Allan became concerned, as Betty was home alone with their 1-year-old daughter and it was unlike her to miss his calls. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach his wife, A&E reports Allan contacted a neighbor to go to the house to check on his family.

Several neighbors eventually went to the Gore home together to check on Betty and the children. When they entered the home, they were horrified to find Betty unresponsive on the floor in the utility room. It appeared that she had been murdered, as she was covered in blood and a bloody ax was found lying near her body. One-year-old Bethany was found alive inside her crib in her room. However, she had clearly been alone for several hours and was in serious distress.

When authorities arrived on scene, they confirmed Betty was dead. It was later determined that she had been struck a total of 41 times with an ax. Although they initially assumed the attack was random, law enforcement officials ultimately identified a suspect, who was close with the Gores. As reported by A&E, a woman named Candy Montgomery was not only one of Betty's best friends, she was also having an affair with Allan.

Candy Montgomery insisted she killed Betty Gore in self-defense

After conducting several interviews, authorities confirmed Candy Montgomery was the last person to see Betty Gore alive. On the morning of June 13, Candy went to the Gore home to get a bathing suit for Betty and Allan's older daughter, Alisa, who was staying with the Montgomerys for the night. Following Candy's departure from the Gore home, nobody saw Betty alive again.

As reported by Bustle, Montgomery eventually admitted killing Gore with the ax. However, she insisted she killed her friend in self-defense. According to Montgomery, Gore confronted her about having an affair with Allan and became increasingly combative. Montgomery said she grabbed the ax and struck Gore to protect herself from the angry woman. Montgomery was arrested and charged with murder just two weeks later. During her trial, A&E reports, Montgomery testified that Gore initially approached her with the ax and prevented her from leaving her home. Montgomery said she was simply trying to protect herself and did not go to Gore's home with any intention of inflicting harm.

Prior to leaving the Gore home, Montgomery admitted, she took a shower and attempted to clean up any evidence she may have left behind. Although prosecutors argued that those facts negated Montgomery's claims of self defense, she was ultimately found not guilty on all charges. The outcome of the case remains controversial. However, A&E reports Montgomery remains free and was last known to be working as a family counselor.

Betty Gore's daughters are estranged from their father

During Candy Montgomery's trial, Betty Gore's husband, Allan, testified that he and Montgomery agreed to end their affair months before Betty's death. As reported by The Netline, Allan's testimony was crucial to Montgomery's defense, as it raised questions about the prosecution's claims that Montgomery killed Gore in a fit of passion.

In the midst of the trial, Allan Gore married a woman named Elaine Clift. The couple initially retained custody of the Gore children, Alisa and Bethany. However, The Netline reports the children were eventually removed from the home amid allegations of abuse. Both children were ultimately placed in the custody of Betty's parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy, who lived in Kansas.

According to Bustle, Alisa, who now uses the name Lisa, and Bethany, remain largely estranged from their father, although he is friends with both of his daughters on social media. The girls, however, seem to have maintained a close relationship, and they routinely comment on each other's social media posts. Bethany is currently married to Chad Mickey. The couple has two daughters and one son. Their older daughter, Josie, shares a birthday with Bethany's late mother, and her younger daughter shares Betty's name. Bustle reports Bethany's youngest child, Henry, was born in December 2019. Bethany attended Wichita State University and went on to become a teacher like her late mother. According to her LinkedIn profile, she currently works as an assistant principal at the Las Vegas Coral Academy of Science.

Betty Gore's daughters have a close relationship

As reported by The U.S. Sun, Lisa and her husband, John Harder, currently reside in Kansas with their sons, Jacob and Sam. Lisa attended Norwich high School and Kansas State University, where she earned an accounting degree. She is currently employed at Koch Engineered Solutions as a Business Controller. Bustle reports Lisa and her husband John also raise pigs.

According to Publicist Library, both Bethany and Lisa discussed how they felt about Candy Montgomery during an interview with Dallas Morning News. During the interview, Lisa said, "I don't know if I could ever forgive her. I know that you should, but ..." During the same interview, Bethany said, "I wonder if she thinks about it every day, like I do. ... I wonder if she has us in mind. I really want to know what happened. Because she is the only one who knows. What makes me angry is thinking about what could have been."

The tragic story of Betty Gore's death was thrust back into the spotlight with the 2022 release of Hulu's mini-series "Candy," which IMDb reports starred Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey. (The trailer is on YouTube.) The series follows the events leading up to and following Gore's death from Candy's perspective. Publicist Library reports Allan Gore is currently retired and is living in Sarasota, Florida, with someone who he identified as a "domestic partner" on his Facebook page.