Jennifer Deutschmann

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Toledo, OH
University Of Toledo
True Crime, Historic Crime, Human Interest
  • Jennifer wrote the documentary film, "Toledo's Haunted Cemeteries."
  • As a child, Jennifer often woke up and snuck out of her room in the middle of the night to watch scary movies that still give her nightmares to this day. She also loved reading horror novels, which only fueled her interest in the macabre.
  • Jennifer also volunteers for a local organization that helps parolees make a successful reentry into society and become productive members of the community.


At a young age, Jennifer developed a specific interest in the unusual and bizarre, and began researching and writing about local urban legends. Jennifer spent 10 years working as a deputy court clerk for a city police department and a county court. During that time, she primarily handled criminal cases, but has extensive experience with civil cases as well. Jennifer also continued researching and writing about local folklore. However, she did not begin writing full time until 2012. Between 2012 and 2019, she published more than 2,000 articles for, with several articles being featured on Yahoo News. As her education, interests, and skills revolved around unusual stories, crime, and the legal system, she eventually began focusing exclusively on true crime stories. Between 2019 and 2021, Jennifer worked as a freelance writer and a ghostwriter for several different websites before she began working exclusively for in June 2021.


Jennifer attended the University of Toledo, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree with a specific focus on criminal justice, psychology, and paralegal studies. Her diverse education gave her a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system, the legal process, and some of the psychological factors involved in the commission of crimes.
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