The Most Money Ever Made On 'The Chase'

The chance to win it big is what many dream of when they test their luck as a contestant on a TV game show that offers cash prizes. For this reason, the tried-and-true game show formula remains among the most popular and appealing genres on TV, according to Oregon Live/ The Oregonian. In the U.K., a game show called "The Chase," hosted by Bradley Walsh, premiered in 2009 and, as of this report, the series remains in production today (after a false start on the Game Show Network in 2013, an American version of "The Chase" rebooted in 2021 on ABC.

Through the correct answer to trivia questions, contestants on "The Chase” have a chance to win thousands of dollars — or in the U.K. version, British pounds (via IMDb). In doing so, those contestants must also defeat brainiacs who make repeat appearances called "The Chasers," newcomers proving their trivia mettle against reigning heavyweights. In 2022, in the U.K. version of the show, the most money ever was won by a contestant. While that's an impressive enough accomplishment, the champion earner also said — at least at first — his prize winnings would go toward a touching purpose, per The Sun.

Jenny Ryan, aka 'The Vixen,' was 'The Chaser' defeated

According to 2022 reporting from The Sun, the episode in which the most money ever was won on the British version of "The Chase" began with four contestants matching wits with a popular "Chaser," Jenny Ryan, known on the show as "The Vixen." Soon enough, Ryan's impressive recall of arcane and obscure facts made quick work of her first three challengers, known only by their first names, Toby, Annabelle, and Sarah. Earning a nickname like "The Vixen" from convivial game show host, Bradley Walsh, is part of the game's appeal.

After Toby, Annabelle, and Sarah's exit, the only aspirant left standing was contestant Dan from Birmingham. Dan entered the final round up £5k, or a bit more than $6 thousand (via Wise). Per the rules of the game, Dan then faced a choice. No matter what he chose, to make it out of the game with cash in hand, he had to overcome "The Vixen" (Ryan is pictured).

Dan answered 16 questions correctly

According to how the game is played, after the final round contestants on "The Chase" can choose to be satisfied with what they've earned or match wits with "The Chaser" for even more money. "The Vixen" offered Dan a chance to win £80,000, or nearly $100,000, per Metro, to which Dan responded "What have I got to lose?" It reportedly came down to the final question before Ryan, "The Vixen," made a blunder and was defeated by Dan.

As a result, the most money ever was won on the British show. At that point, host Bradley Walsh asked Dan what he could do with his earnings, to which Dan responded he planned to put it toward a trip to New Zealand to see his family, as The Sun elsewhere notes. On Dan's big win "The Vixen" said (via Metro), "Sensational. Dan deserves every penny of that, that was a sensational performance." Dan later told The Sun he used the cash he won to pay off debt and invested the rest, the trip to New Zealand could wait. But as they say, it's the thought that counts.