Disturbing Details About Big Lurch, The Rapper Who Ate His Murder Victim

In April 2002, Alisa Allen was looking out her apartment window when she saw a nude man running away from her friend Tynisha Ysais' East Los Angeles, California apartment. As reported by the Daily Mirror, Allen was specifically concerned, as the man appeared to be covered in blood. After contacting authorities, Allen ran to her friend's apartment to see if she was okay. When she stepped inside, she was greeted with a macabre scene — Ysais's lifeless body was lying in a pool of blood, and she had clearly been eviscerated.

The blood-covered man, who had not strayed far from the scene, was arrested shortly after authorities arrived. He was eventually identified as Antron Singleton, commonly known as the rapper Big Lurch. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Singleton was born on September 15, 1976. The Daily Mirror reports he was raised in East Dallas and began writing poetry and rap verses when he was only 7 years old. By the time he was 15, Singleton was performing rap songs publicly under the name G-Spade. However, as he was exceptionally tall, he eventually became known as Big Lurch — which was the name he used for the remainder of his career.

He moved to Los Angeles to become a rap star

Antron Singleton eventually moved to Los Angeles, where he hoped to pursue a career as a rap artist. As reported by the Daily Mirror, Big Lurch went on to work with several better-known rap artists, including Luni Coleone and Mac Dre. He also worked with several rap groups, including RBL Posse and Cosmic Slop Shop. Although Cosmic Slip Shop had moderate success with their hit song, "Sinful," they parted ways shortly after the release of their first album.

Big Lurch had modest success as a rap artist, but he struggled to become a star. Nevertheless, he remained in Los Angeles and continued to pursue his dreams. However, at the age of 24, he suffered a setback that sent him into a downward spiral that ended with a murder conviction. In 2000, Big Lurch was on his way home from celebrating his 24th birthday when his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. Among a variety of other injuries, the rap artist suffered a broken neck.

He had chronic pain from the car accident

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Big Lurch's injuries caused chronic pain. Although he was prescribed pain medication, the pain persisted for several years following his release from the hospital. In an attempt to self-medicate, Big Lurch turned to illegal drugs, including PCP — which he said provided relief from the constant pain.

Although the specific details are unclear, Big Lurch later said he and some friends were at Tynisha Ysais' apartment smoking PCP on April 10, 2022 (per the Los Angeles Times). In the documentary "Rhyme & Punishment" (via All That's Interesting), the rap artist said, "We started smoking the PCP and they just kept feeding it to me, and feeding it to me. The next thing I remember is I woke up in jail with a murder."

Witnesses confirmed several people were in the apartment throughout the day. However, the Daily Mirror reports Big Lurch eventually asked them all to leave, with the exception of Ysais. He then proceeded to brutally torture and eventually kill the woman.

Big Lurch tortured and killed Tynisha Ysais

According to the Daily Mirror, Big Lurch stabbed Tynisha Ysais multiple times with a kitchen knife. He then proceeded to open her chest cavity, remove her right lung, and eat it. A coroner later confirmed Ysais also had a broken jaw, eye socket, and neck. The coroner also found the blade of a knife, which was assumed to have been used in the assault, lodged in Ysais' body near her shoulder. The Los Angeles Times reports detectives also noted there were bite marks on Ysais' face and liver.

Big Lurch was also examined, as authorities believed he may have consumed parts of Ysais' corpse. An analysis of his stomach content confirmed their suspicions, and the rap artist was subsequently charged with first-degree murder. During his trial, Big Lurch's attorney, Milton Grimes, argued that his bizarre and violent behavior was driven by a five-day PCP binge. As reported by Los Angeles Times, Grimes said, "PCP affects the brain to where people go back to their primal state. You can do the acts of a beast ... because you don't have the conscience of a human being, and that's where this man was when he took this woman's life."

His attorney said his client experienced PCP psychosis

Los Angeles Times reports attorney Milton Grimes also presented evidence that Big Lurch was hospitalized on more than one occasion for episodes of "PCP psychosis," as he was experiencing delusions and hallucinations. Grimes suggested Big Lurch "acted out" some of the lyrics of rap songs he had written when he attacked Tynisha Ysais. According to Grimes, Singleton's delusions and hallucinations that paved the way for the horrific murder came from his music. "He acted out these thoughts, as bizarre as they were," he added, referring to Lurch's macabre lyrics. "He was out of his mind."

After deliberating for less than one hour, the jury determined Big Lurch was guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated mayhem, and torture. The rap artist was subsequently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

He believes he was set up

In a 2016 interview with VLADTV, Big Lurch said his attorney, Milton Grimes, also owned the record label and had been at odds with the rap artist in the years leading up to the murder. Big Lurch said the tension had to do with Grimes' association with the "Los Angeles Crips" and his own association with the "Bloods" — rival gangs.

Big Lurch said Grimes encouraged him to embellish details about the murder to facilitate an insanity defense. He also said Grimes never returned his phone calls following the conclusion of his trial. During his interview with VLADTV, Big Lurch reiterated his suggestion that he was set up. He pointed out that his vehicle and money and vehicle were inexplicably missing from the scene when he was found naked and covered in blood on the street outside the apartment.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Big Lurch is currently housed in the Salinas Valley State Prison.