What We Know About Jesse L McFadden And The Bodies Found On His Property

A horrible scene greeted Oklahoma law enforcement officials on the rural property of convicted sex offender Jesse L. McFadden: They found seven dead bodies, among them 14-year-old Ivy Webster and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer, teenage girls reported missing from the area that same day, according to CNN. McFadden, who was also found dead, had failed to make an earlier scheduled court appearance. Police were at McFadden's home with a search warrant. 

A registered sex offender, McFadden was set to stand trial on charges of soliciting a minor for sex. He had one previous first-degree rape conviction, according to the Independent. Brewer and Webster were last seen in Henryetta, Oklahoma — just outside Oklahoma City and Tulsa — and were reportedly acquainted with McFadden's teenage daughter, whom they were at McFadden's home visiting. 

The teenagers intended to go swimming but failed to contact their parents or to return home as planned. The teens were last seen in Henryetta early that same morning and were believed to be in McFadden's company. In the search for the teenagers, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol AMBER Alert was issued. Referring to McFadden, Webster's father, Justin Webster, said (via FOX 23), "[McFadden] should not have been out to do this. He should not have been out. It's our justice system that needs to be harder."

McFadden was married with children

The day after seven dead bodies were found on the Oklahoma property of Jesse L. McFadden, authorities had yet to positively identify the other four bodies or the circumstances of their death. Meanwhile, McFadden's mother-in-law, Janette Mayo, posted on Facebook that her daughter, McFadden's wife, Holly Guess/McFadden, was among them. According to Mayo's social media post, authorities told her that the other three bodies found were the children and stepchildren of McFadden and Guess, whom Mayo referred to as her grandchildren.

According to the Associated Press, Mayo later said all seven were shot and killed on Mayo's property. McFadden was also known to keep his family "under lock and key," Mayo said. Mayo also said her family was unaware of McFadden's criminal history until just a few months ago. "He lied to my daughter, and he convinced her it was all just a huge mistake," Mayo told the AP.

Guess' former mother-in-law, Judy White-Allen, also confirmed the news on social media. Two of the teenagers killed were from a previous relationship Guess had with Allen's son. Before the bodies were discovered, Tulsa KJRH news anchor Erin Christy wrote on Twitter that a tracking device on Guess' cell phone had been turned off. No official statement corroborated Mayo and White-Allen's social media explanations. The McFadden address was listed on the sex offender registry.

McFadden had additional charges against him

In addition to the sexual solicitation of minor charges against him, Jesse L. McFadden was also set to stand trial for child pornography charges. In a press conference posted on Facebook, Oklahoma Sheriff Eddy Rice said though the small town of Henryetta had never seen a crime "of this magnitude," there was no further threat to the community. "This one's pretty bad," Rice said.

When McFadden failed to appear in court related to the most recent sexual solicitation of a minor and child pornography charges, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest, NBC News reports. Ivy Webster's parents were unaware of McFadden's past until they reported their daughter missing, according to Fox 23. The night before the bodies were found, McFadden had reportedly contacted the minor involved in the more recent charges against him.

"I did exactly what I promised I would do when I got out," McFadden's text read (via FOX 23). "I got a marketing job making great money and was being advanced been there 2 years now [sic] and made a great life like I promised I would do with you. Now it's all gone, I told you I wouldn't go back. This is all on you for continuing this," his text continued." When they died, Holly Guess was 35 years old; Rylee Elizabeth Allen was 17; Michael James Mayo was 15; and Tiffany Dore Guess was 13. McFadden was 39.

Additional victim details

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma tragedy, details emerged about those found dead as well as the McFadden family. According to NBC News, the teenage victims were described as close friends and inseparable. Justin and Ashleigh Webster (pictured above), the parents of Ivy Webster, told NewsNation their daughter was "beautiful inside and out" and the most caring person they'd ever known. Per NBC News, Ashleigh said her daughter was a sweet-natured softball player that loved animals. 

Brittany Brewer spoke with her mother, Malaina Schabell, most weekends via video chat. When she didn't hear from her daughter, Schabell said (via KJRH), "I had a bad feeling about something, but I didn't know what it was about." Brittany had plans to become a teacher, her mother said. Also speaking with NewsNation, Brittany's father, Nathan Brewer, confirmed police said his daughter died from a gunshot wound to the head. Brewer had also said his daughter was an honor roll student and had plans to participate in an upcoming pageant as "Miss Henryetta." 

All parents reportedly plan to lobby for stricter legislation related to sex offenders and sex offender notification. None of them had any idea of McFadden's past and received little additional information from the authorities. According to NBC News, Okmulgee County marriage records revealed Holly Guess had just married Jesse L. McFadden in 2022.