The Eerie Connection Between King Charles' Coronation And Princess Diana

May 6, the date of King Charles III's coronation, is significant, and according to astrologer Rose Smith, there are a number of reasons it might not bode well for the new king's reign, the Daily Mail reports. What's more, the date of the crowning also resonates with King Charles III's ex-wife, the late Princess Diana, professional astrologer Jessica Adams writes on her website. Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997, and at that time, the high-profile dissolution of then Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana was a defining event in both their lives (via The Royal Family).

Importantly, May 6 is the date of a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, while both Mercury and Pluto are also in retrograde with a full moon, astrologer Rose Smith says. That alone is enough cause for royal worry, Smith continues. "Eclipses can result in unforeseen events, surprise revelations, and can traditionally be a bad omen," Rose told Daily Mail. Charles may abdicate the throne, or deeply held secrets may be revealed, she said. The eclipse also gave Adams pause: Charles and Diana's marriage was between two eclipses, and Diana's car wreck happened near another.

Astrology is important to the royal family

The significance of May 6 is especially notable given the importance astrology has for the royal family, Woman & Home reports. Princess Diana herself consulted an astrologer, and eclipses repeatedly show up in British royal history. Among other examples, King Henry I died during a solar eclipse in the 12th century, and several members of King Charles III family — including Charles himself; Charles and Diana's eldest son, William, Prince of Wales; and Catherine, Princess of Wales — were born near either a lunar or solar eclipse.

King Charles III is a Scorpio, so the lunar eclipse in Scorpio could affect his reign in particular, astrologer Rose Smith told Daily Mail. "A lunar eclipse in Scorpio in the fourth house of King Charles III's natal chart is a highly intense and transformative event. The fourth house is associated with family, home, roots, and emotions — and Scorpio is a sign that's associated with deep psychological and emotional intensity, transformation, and power," Rose said. "I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden unknown information surfaced from within the royal family," she said elsewhere. Could the secrets revealed relate to Diana's death? We'll have to wait and see.