Who Inherited Tina Turner's Money After She Died?

The world of music lost one of its biggest and most enduring stars in 2023 when Tina Turner, who had been active in the industry since her first release way back in the 1960s, sadly died on May 24, 2023, at the age of 83. Turner remained a hugely popular and critically acclaimed performer throughout her career, with her final tour in 2008 generating $132 million. She sold an estimated 200 million records over the course of her career, and by the time of her death had amassed a personal fortune of $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Though Turner was a loving mother of four children, two of them died before Turner herself. Meanwhile, the other two have reportedly struggled to establish a legal claim to an inheritance due to the fact that they were informally adopted by the singer. It is believed that a large portion of Turner's estate went to her husband Erwin Bach, who she was married to for the last 10 years of her life.

Erwin Bach

It is believed that Tina Turner's husband Erwin Bach, a German record industry executive, is the major inheritor of the singer's $250 million estate. Bach and Turner first met in 1985 when Bach picked the "Proud Mary" singer up from the airport while she was on tour. The two hit it off, and began a relationship that lasted the rest of Turner's life. Though Bach proposed to Turner as early as 1989, the pair remained unmarried until 2013. They did, however, cohabitate at their sprawling home in Zurich from relatively early in their relationship. Bach himself has also been incredibly successful in the music industry independent of his famous wife, with outlets such as Sportskeeda reporting that he was worth $50 million in his own right prior to Turner's death.

By all available accounts, the bond between Turner and Bach was apparently true love. In 2016, Bach gave his wife, whose health was failing, one of his kidneys. Turner later wrote that her husband "shocked me by saying that he wanted to give me one of his kidneys," adding that she was "overwhelmed by the enormity of his offer" (via the Associated Press).

No living biological children

Before Tina Turner struck up a romance with Erwin Bach, her love life was dominated by her relationship with her first husband and acclaimed musical collaborator Ike Turner. When she and Ike met, Tina Turner already had a child of her own, Craig, from a previous relationship, while Ike had two sons, Ike Jr. and Michael. Ike and Tina had a child, Ronnie, together two years after their marriage in 1962. The couple separated in 1976, after what Tina Turner later revealed was a violent and abusive relationship.

Craig died in 2018 and Ronnie died from cancer in 2022, meaning that Tina Turner had no living biological children to benefit from her estate after her death. Some sources have claimed Ike Jr. and Michael are among the singer's inheritors, however, her daughter-in-law Afida, who was married to Ronnie, has suggested that there may be complications related to the inheritance as Tina Turner never legally adopted Ike's children, per Yahoo News.

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