Who Is Nadia Marcinko, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Accomplice?

She's gone by different names and handles and has been portrayed as either a victim or an accomplice by the media. Nadia Marcinko went from model to airplane pilot and flight instructor, but she hasn't been able to outrun her past in which, according to the Daily Mail, she was a "sex slave" to Jeffrey Epstein and alleged procurer of other young girls for the registered sex offender. Unlike Epstein, who died by suicide in 2019 in federal jail while awaiting trial, Marcinko has not been charged with any crimes.

She is back in the news following the court-ordered release of files in January 2024 related to the various associates of Epstein, which includes the rich and powerful, such as former U.S. Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, per USA Today.  Marcinko's testimony related to a 2010 case is among the cache of documents that saw the light of day, per the New York Post. After cutting ties with Epstein, Marcinko discovered a love for flying that she spun into a new career.

From model to pilot

Nadia Marcinko told New York City First she began modeling at 16 before she discovered aviation in her 20s after deciding to face her fear of flying. "After a particularly unpleasant flight, I decided to learn about all those strange noises and maneuvers and I took a flying lesson," she recalled. "I had no intentions of becoming a pilot at the time, but I became fascinated by flying and the sense of freedom that comes with being at the controls. I was 23 when I realized I wanted to work in aviation and got my pilot license."

On social media, she went by "Gulfstream Girl" and enthusiastically advocated for girls and young women to get into the aviation industry, according to Forbes. She also became a flight instructor and launched an aviation company, Aviloop. The company offers marketing and promotion for the aviation industry. Marcinko later changed her social media handle to "Global Girl" due to a trademark infringement issue, according to Wired. But it wasn't as a pilot that Marcinko would make headlines following the July 2019 arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges.

Jeffrey Epstein's victim and alleged accomplice

Nadia Marcinko was born Nada Marcinkova in Czechoslovakia in 1986 before it split into separate countries. She later moved with her family to the former Yugoslavia, according to the Daily Mail. An unnamed victim told Palm Beach, Florida police that Jeffrey Epstein bragged to her that Marinko was his "Yugoslavian sex slave" who he had "purchased" from her family. The New York Post reported Marcinko was only 15 at the time. Epstein allegedly sexually abused her and forced her to perform sex acts with other underage girls. She then allegedly began acting as a procurer, helping to get the pedophile more victims.

In 2008, prosecutors gave Nadia Marcinko and three other women immunity from prosecution during Jeffrey Epstein's criminal case for soliciting prostitution from a minor in which he got a sweetheart deal and served a little over a year in jail, per The Guardian. In 2010 court documents, Marcinko pleaded the fifth 42 times when asked by attorneys about former President Bill Clinton, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and others, per the New York Post. Although Marcincko cut ties with Epstein, her company Aviloop was registered at a Manhattan building associated with Epstein and owned by his brother Mark.