The Most Expensive House In The US

Are you in the market for a new home? How about this lovely piece of property in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California? At 25,000 square feet with 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, this estate features a ballroom, a wine cellar, a 75-foot swimming pool, tennis courts, and parking for all 40 of the cars you won't be able to afford to buy after you're done paying the mortgage. 

How much will this home set you back? Well, if you earn an average American salary, you will only have to work for 4,166 years to be able to afford this home. Plus six months or so. That is assuming you can buy it interest-free and you never have to spend money on menial things like groceries, gas, and medical expenses. 

Yes, according to Hilton and Hyland, the Chartwell estate is the most expensive home in America, with a sticker price of $195 million. That beats the second most expensive home in America by about $110 million. But hey, it's actually offered at a discount compared to the $350 million price tag it had back in 2017, which means you'll have to work 3,312 years fewer than you would have had to work if you'd purchased the place at the peak of the real estate market. 

So besides the opulence and the weird statues and the formal salon, what makes this particular piece of property so special that it has a sticker price twice as high as the next most expensive house in America? It was built in 1933 by the renowned architect Sumner Spaulding, who also built Harold Lloyd's "Greenacres" estate in Beverly Hills. And the exterior of this home doubled as the Clampett residence in The Beverly Hillbillies, so whoever gets to buy this place will not only spend way too much money on a piece of real estate, he or she will also be following in the footsteps of some iconic, albeit smelly, television hillbillies. Who could possibly turn down that opportunity? Better start saving your pennies.