This Is How Much It Costs To Rent Richard Branson's Island

Forget Hawaii or the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls — those holidays are for the common people. You will never know true relaxation until you've dropped $77,500 per night on a luxury island in the Caribbean.

Yes, for just over one and a half times the average annual salary of one American human, you too can spend a single night on billionaire Richard Branson's secluded Necker Island. Okay, so you could also find 29 other people to help you foot the bill (the island sleeps up to 30). That would probably end up being kind of a loud and messy party, and it would also muck with the whole "secluded" part of the equation, but at least $2,340 a night is a lot easier to swallow than $77,500 a night. But then you wouldn't really want to stay only one night, would you? So you'd better start saving your pennies.

According to Business Insider, you can also rent individual rooms on Necker Island during "Celebration Weeks," which means you won't need to find 29 other people who are keen to swap a few days in the Caribbean for years and years of credit card debt. A single room will cost $4,525 for a minimum of three nights so, you know, that's only like a semi-decent used car. 

The island features a large "Great House" and a Balinese-style guest house, with panoramic views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic ocean. All food and drinks are included in the price (and they'd danged well better be), so you should make sure to down a lot of vodka and seafood so you'll at least temporarily forget that you just mortgaged your home to be there. Activities are included too, including swimming and water sports. With any luck, you'll get eaten by a shark and then you won't have to worry about the fact that you'll never, ever be able to afford to do anything else ever again.