The Best Serial Killer Shows To Watch After You Finish Mindhunter Season 2

So you're done with the second season of Mindhunter and you need a little bit more of that sweet old fashioned television psychopathy in your life. Don't fret, gentle viewer. The world of digital streaming is downright bubbling with freaks, monsters, and recreational cannibals for your viewing pleasure. But what's the creme de la creme, or the top of the freak peak, if you will? Here are a few ideas to keep you occupied while you wrestle with the idea that anyone, yes, even you, could secretly be capable of unspeakable things.

Hannibal and Mindhunter pair nicely

The consumption of man by his fellow man as presented by Bryan Fuller, the quirky mind behind Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, Hannibal is the criminally underrated adaptation of the life of Thomas Harris' iconic boogeyman, whose crimes included murder, cannibalism, and repeatedly stealing scenes in Silence of the Lambs. The show starred Mads Mikkelson as the titular hangry boy and pretty immediately outpaces 20 years of increasingly ill-advised movies about the character. Its one weak point? An abrupt cancellation in 2015 left viewers with some unanswered questions and a lot of complicated feelings.

Killing time with Killing Eve

Let's start with the facts: Sandra Oh is an international treasure, and when the BBC gets creepy things right, they're in a field all their own. These two great tastes taste great together in Killing Eve, BBC America's crime drama about an ambitious assassin and the MI5 agent tracking her across the world. The series features outstanding performances by Oh and English actress Jodie Comer, as well as Fiona Shaw, who most of you crazy kids will remember as Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter movies. It's a rare, brilliant piece of television. You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the part you squirm on.

Chase the Unabomber as a chaser to Mindhunter

A short and sweet miniseries, 2017's Manhunt: Unabomber tells the story of the fall of Ted Kaczynski and Jim Fitzgerald, one of the FBI agents who pieced together his reign of terror. It details Kaczynski's decline into insanity and his series of mail bomb attacks over the course of two decades, per Rotten Tomatoes. Also, Sam Worthington displays an ability to act not previously displayed in his Tokyo Drifting days, and Paul Bettany, maybe the most underrated Avenger actor, plays the bad guy, and he's... jarring.