What Is The Most Expensive Pet In The World?

People love their pets. Simply put, they are family, and there are almost no lengths to which their love will not go. Why else would someone be willing to bankrupt themselves for doggy dental care or feline radiation therapy? For most people, the depth of animal love has a financial limit... but not all. This is especially the case when the animal itself can be a lucrative source of income and social status. Think about the Westminster Dog Show, or the Kentucky Derby. People lose their heads completely when these imaginary stakes run high. It should be no surprise then, that the world's most expensive pet is a thoroughbred horse. His name? Green Monkey. That's right. According to India Times, the most expensive horse in the world is a Monkey. 

This chartreuse equine sold for $16 million in a 2009 auction after running an eighth of a mile in 9.8 seconds, a distance equivalent to one lap around a track that is also known as a furlong, according to Metro.

A high priced horse

Unfortunately, Bloodhorse.com reports that his career didn't live up to the hype. Injury and health issues limited poor Green Monkey to just three career starts, amounting to a grand total of $10,440 in winnings.

Sadly, he was euthanized in 2018 after battling laminitis for four years, an illness which disrupts blood flow to the feet, according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

However, there was a silver lining for this golden horse, with a short but productive career as a stud. As you may know, horses with good genes generally retire to a gigolo lifestyle. Horse owners are willing to pay top dollar for a prize horse's "services."

In the case of Green Monkey, in his one year as a bona fide stud, he serviced 40 mares, providing hope for a brighter future of amazing, expensive race horses. Stay golden, pony boy.