The Real Reason Cats Like To Drink From A Sink

For many cat owners, there are three unavoidable constants in life: Death, taxes, and the fact that their feline friend will try to drink from the sink whenever it gets a chance. For some cats, that periodically accessible running water just seems much more enticing than the freely available H2O in their bowl, and the pesky humans will just have to deal with their attempts to quench their thirst every time the faucet is running, thank you very much. 

"Why" is always a potentially hazardous question when it comes to cats following cat logic, but even so, experts have looked into the reasons behind the whole sink-drinking thing — and the things they've found are as peculiar as they are many. Let's find out why cats like to drink from a sink!

There are many possible reasons cats like to drink from a sink

As Vet Street tells us, a cat drinking from a sink and ignoring its bowl might, at worst, have an undiagnosed medical problem that prompts it to gravitate towards "additional water sources." Another, more mundane but still potentially pesky reason for kitty's fixation with the sink might be that its own water bowl is located too close to its litter box, or in a place it finds unsafe or too noisy. Of course, it could simply be that your cat is a bit of a hipster when it comes to water, because as Inverse notes, cats have a lot of "personal preference" when it comes to their drinking habits. Kitties drinking out of sinks (and bathtubs, and whatnot) might also feel that the standing water in their own bowl is not good, or find that the material in the bowl adds a funky taste. Or, hey, maybe they just want to mess with our heads. They're cats, after all.