The Most Money Ever Lost By Someone In A Single Day

If you've ever woken up after a drinky Saturday night, looked at your checking account balance, and realized that you were, like, so screwed, chin up: no matter how many twelve dollar well drinks you bought, and no matter how bad your upcoming overdraft fees and weeks of prepackaged noodles with stale Sriracha sauce might get, there's no way that you spent anywhere close to the most money ever lost in a single day. In the grand scheme of things, the four hundred dollars you spent renting a party bus on a whim is a drop in the water compared to the absolutely gargantuan one day loss suffered by one of the richest men in history. It's all about perspective. Mention that to your landlord when you ask for an extension on this month's rent.

Mark Zuckerberg would probably feel terrible if someone programmed him to

On July 26th of 2018, Facebook godking and famed Madame Tussaud sculpture brought to life by the Heart of Damballa Mark Zuckerberg suffered the greatest one day loss of personal wealth ever recorded in human history. In less than 24 hours, the value of the social media giant dropped almost 20%, according to Market Watch, losing roughly $120 billion in value after a disappointing earnings report was piled on top of all that "oops, we did a Cambridge Analytica" malarkey.

It was good news for your obnoxious friend who's been saying that Facebook is lame since 2009, bad news for stockholders, and worse news for Zuckerberg, whose personal wealth was reported to have suffered a $15.9 billion hit. In a single bad day, he dropped three places on the Bloomberg list of the wealthiest people, from third to sixth. At that point, why even bother getting out of your hyperbaric nutrient paste-filled sleep tube in the morning?

As of 2019, Zuckerberg has suffered the further indignity of falling to 8th place with Forbes estimating his personal wealth at around $62.3 billion. What a depressing number to look at when you check your bank account. It's barely enough scratch to become Batman IRL ninety times over. He should be ashamed of himself.

Pass the stale Sriracha sauce, would you?