This Is The Most Expensive Airplane Ticket In The World

Flights are already too expensive. Doubly so in the United States, where a handful of ridiculously massive companies work together to rip a hole in your wallet with overpriced tickets, beat you down in security, and then expect you to fall in line when they charge for "luxuries" like a carry-on bag. It's sickening, to say the least. 

If you think ordinary flights are too pricey, though, you won't want to know how ludicrously high the most expensive flight in the world is. Or maybe you do? In which case, meet "The Residence" by Etihad Airways, which went viral in a video by Casey Neistat. This thing is, perhaps, the most luxurious of luxury planes, and practically functions as a flying five-star hotel ... with a price that almost no one can afford. 

A fancy, luxurious one-way flight for ... uh, $38,000?

Etihad's The Residence can connect you from New York City to Mumbai, via Abu Dhabi, according to Mashable, but a single, one-way flight costs a whopping $38,000 USD, or Rs 25 million. Hear that sound? It's your wallet laughing at the sheer ludicrousness of dropping the price of a Tesla Cybertruck on a single flight, while simultaneously balancing student loan debt, rent, and medical bills. Such ridiculously over-the-top prices aren't anything new for Etihad Airways, though, which also offers a $32,000 flight.

Anyhow, what do you get for that money? This strange airplane setup, fitted aboard a massive Airbus A380, is more than comfortable. Instead of being squashed in a seat next to other passengers, The Residence offers you a private suite, measuring about 125 square feet, with three rooms included. The living room area, pictured above, features a 32 inch LCD television and enough reclined leather seating for two guests at a time. Feel like washing up, or maybe taking a nap? You have your own shower, and your own bedroom. The price of one ticket also includes personal chauffeuring to the airport, private check-in, and a personal butler to serve you throughout the flight (no, seriously), who will serve your dinner on (again, this is serious) 24-carat gold plated tableware, with gold silverware, and crystal glasses. Seems a tad overboard, no? 

For average folks, of course, a flight like this is ridiculously out of your budget. For criminals, that's a lot of money to photocopy (or try to). As for rich people? They're probably just complaining that the food isn't served quite hot enough, as obnoxious at that may be.