HairBnb: Indonesian Woman Houses Over 250 Feral Cats

Life is all about balance. What one person might define as unquestionable altruism can be, from a slightly different perspective, an act of unfathomable malice. For every village celebrating the slaying of a werewolf, there is a den of baby werewolves mourning their lost mother. Morality is governed by perspective.

With that in mind, a woman in Jakarta has opened her home to more than 250 stray cats, which is wonderful news for the cats, but terrible news for her chances of ever smelling like anything other than ammonia again.

As reported by Reuters, 45 year old Dita Augusta of Indonesia has tackled the city of Jakarta's homeless animal problems by turning her home into the world's biggest allergy bomb, housing hundreds of strays kitties deemed to be in need of help. She and her husband reportedly spend around $70 a day keeping the animals fed, medicated, and knee deep in litter. Additionally, they employ a five person team to clean the house twice a day. Dita's husband works as a fisherman, and will never see his damage deposit again.

Littered with kitties

Dita says that she only takes in cats who look unhealthy, and that all of her residents are neutered and regularly groomed. She also takes daily constitutionals, putting out food for homeless cats and, inadvertently, probably raccoons, too.

It is worth mentioning that ten out of ten episodes of Confessions: Animal Hoarding will tell you that 250 is just too many darned cats. Luckily, Jakarta is also the city where a recent rush of construction projects has led to cobras climbing into people's houses through their toilets, so this might be one of those problems that takes care of itself.

If you are interested in owning anywhere between one and several hundred cats, make sure to contact your local animal shelter, where they're practically giving the things away. Also, for the sake of fairness, maybe mention this behavior up front on your Tinder profile.