This Japanese Company Will Make You A Wearable Mask Of Your Pet's Face

It's often said that people resemble their dogs, so much so that according to the American Kennel Club, Japanese psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima found that 80 percent of experimental participants could accurately distinguish photos of dogs paired with their owners from images of dogs paired with random people. Apparently, the similarity is most evident when you can see both the dogs' and the owners' eyes. But what if you want to be more than just your dog's ocular twin? Or what if you're just dying to look exactly like your cat or your pet bearded dragon or your cuddly goliath bird-eating spider? Luckily for people who don't have their cat's eyes (and perhaps even people who lack arachnid mandibles), Japan has the answer to your prayers.

The un-catty valley

Remember how Buffalo Bill killed women to turn them into a skin suit in Silence of the Lambs? Now just imagine if Buffalo Bill decided to wear a buffalo's head, or Hannibal Lecter ate people while wearing an elephant head while Clarice wore a lamb's head (of course), and you'll almost reach the creepiness of seeing these masks. These adorable abominations were born from the collaboration between the Shindo Rika creative planning office and the modeling workshop 91, according to Grape. For the not-at-all low price of about $2,700, you can live your furry dream and everyone else's nightmare of looking like a live-action ad for Orangina, specifically one of the creepy ones that featured an anthropomorphic horse, panda, cat, bear, and other animals in sometimes uncomfortably adult poses.

Pet owners looking to scare the bejesus out of Jesus and small children with what is clearly an affront to all things holy can go to the Shindo website (or to hell). The customer clicks on the "My Family" option and submits a photo. The above example comes from a YouTube video by a proud cat owner who shows off his cat mask and and non-mask cats, which recently had kittens. Since he presumably looks like a cat to those babies, perhaps he can look forward to waking up in the middle of the night as a confused kitten tries to suckle his milk-less chest. 

The mask makers also advertise animals that aren't traditionally pets such as orangutans and rhinos. It's unclear if they make giant spider heads, but there's an easy way to find out if you have a few thousand bucks to spare and don't mind psychologically scarring everyone around you.