Here's How Much Money Marilyn Manson Is Really Worth

Marilyn Manson has spent decades crafting his legacy as a shock rocker, complete with all the attention, anger and accusations that come with this choice of profession. He collects weird stuff. He does weird things. He was (unfairly) blamed for the Columbine High School shooting. He can be an absolute nightmare on tour. However, don't take all that weirdness to mean that the man can't be a consummate professional. His music career is obviously pretty illustrious, and as his IMDb page tells us, he's also a surprisingly accomplished actor. Sure, Manson has appeared in roles that are pretty much what you'd expect him to get ("Porn Star #1" in David Lynch's Lost Highway), but his resume also features some highly prestigious TV shows, such as Sons of Anarchy and American Gods. 

Manson has carved himself a strange, but doubtlessly successful career. Still, has he anything to show for it? One would expect him to have at least a few million dollars in his pocket, what with the whole "super-famous rock star" thing and all. Then again, his very peculiar aesthetic makes it difficult to tell whether he dresses himself head to toe in ultra-expensive designer garb, or if he just dresses every morning by covering himself in glue and running through a goth thrift store. So, let's settle this once and for all: How much money is Marilyn Manson really worth?  

Marilyn Manson is reportedly worth $25 million

It turns out that shocking people for a living is a fairly good strategy for getting rich, as Celebrity Net Worth estimates Manson's earthly possessions at $25 million. Although he has dabbled in acting, it's probably fair to assume that the majority of his fortune came from music, at least judging by his Billboard tale of the tape. The rocker has no less than nine Top 10 hits, and a whopping nine of his albums have reached Top 10 in the charts, with 1998's Mechanical Animals and 2003's The Golden Age of Grotesque even reaching the top spot. 

While Mr. Manson has made his millions looking gloomy and dangerous, with a chart history (and bank account) like this, it must sometimes be difficult to avoid turning that frown upside down.