Here's How Much Money Dan Bilzerian Is Really Worth

There are many questions people ask themselves about Dan Bilzerian, such as "Why does he act like that all the time?" and "Will that beard eventually reach his eyebrows?" Apart from that, there's actually a fair amount of information about the man available, should you so desire. He may not be quite as good at poker as he claims, and therefore, there's a good reason to believe that the reason Bilzerian is so rich isn't, you know, the poker. In fact, Bilzerian is not only a trust fund kid, but he may have benefited from his father, a fraudulent businessman called Paul Bilzerian, who some suspect set little Dan up with some serious dough before going to prison for, you guessed it, fraud.

Still, regardless of the reason Dan Bilzerian ended up with a pile of money, few people argue the fact that said pile does seem to be quite large. But just how large? That seems to be one of the things about him few people are sure about. Have you ever wondered just what kind of money bin "The King of Instagram" really has at his disposal? Let's find out how much Bilzerian is really worth!

Dan Bilzerian is worth lots and lots of money

Dan Bilzerian's antics in poker, venture capitalism and having a rich dad who may or may not have set him up with a giant fortune make it seem like guesstimating his net worth would be fairly hard. As such, the sites that specialize in such things offer varying figures. As of 2020, Wealthy Gorilla estimates Bilzerian's possessions somewhere in the vicinity of $200 million, while The Richest thinks his net worth is "only" $150 million. Meanwhile, Celebrity Net Worth chimes in with a surprisingly accurate estimate of $199 million. All in all, the message appears to be clear: Dan Bilzerian is a very, very, very rich guy.