The Untold Truth Of Steven Seagal's Oldest Daughter, Ayako

These days, Steven Seagal is just his own dang thing, isn't he? You'd think that being an aikido master and a movie star would be enough to last for a couple of lifetimes, but this guy has managed to wedge in all sorts of additional madness. He has claimed to be a Tibetan Buddhist tulku (a reincarnated master) and a CIA collaborator. He is definitely a special envoy for Russia, and the leader of Steven Seagal Blues Band, which sounds exactly like you'd imagine Steven Seagal's music sounds.

Apart from all of these wildly confounding things, Seagal is also a father. In fact, he has seven children with four women, including his eldest son, Kentaro Seagal, who, much like his father, has acted a little and worked as an aikido instructor ... though he doesn't appear to harbor particularly warm feelings toward his father. However, did you know that Seagal's first marriage to Miyako Fujitani also produced a daughter? This is the untold truth of Steven Seagal's oldest daughter, Ayako.

Ayako Fujitani ditched the Seagal name and found success

What does Steven Seagal's oldest daughter, Ayako, think of her father? Well, one clue is the fact that, as Michael Ordona of the Los Angeles Times told us in 2009, she actually uses her mother's surname. This may have been a smart move, because Ayako Fujitani has been able to carve her own career as a model, an actor and a writer, unencumbered by the name of a dude whose cinematic masterpieces tend to include dozens of broken bones. Fujitani's IMDb page reveals a robust acting career that ranges from goofy Gamera monster movies to creepy art-house, and even Michel Gondry's segment in the episodic movie Tokyo!. Oh, and as Matthew Hernon of Tokyo Weekender tells us, she also happens to be a talented author, and has written and directed short films.

While it might be easy to think that Fujitani doesn't use Seagal's name because she doesn't much care for her famous father, she has said on multiple occasions that the two are actually on fine terms — she just avoids bringing him up to stay out of his shadow. "I have never had a problem talking about him, I just generally prefer not to," she says.