The Untold Truth Of Booty-O's Cereal

Take a trip through time, back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, around about 2016, when the New Day, WWE tag team champions, emerged on-screen from a gigantic Booty-O cereal box.  

The wrestling trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E had been flogging the product through their online merch store for some time already. It started as a comedy bit — the New Day is nothing if not entertaining — and created a wave of demand among fans and the idly curious alike. Think of Davy Crockett coonskin caps, only edible. Mostly. The three pro wrestlers made their debut in 2014, first on the WWE's Raw, and again later in the year on Smackdown. Within a year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named them the "Tag Team of the Year," according to Matt Scheff. In 2015, when Rolling Stone named New Day as WWE Wrestlers of the Year, they called the trio "duplicitous positive energy evangelists." Schtick, including unicorn headgear, intersects with athleticism and pure, unadulterated (and unapologetic) showmanship.

Unicorn horns on the heads, and in their cereal bowls

Entertaining does not equal stupid, though. Philly Voice relays the information that team leader Xavier Woods has been working on his PhD in educational psychology — he already has two bachelor's degrees, one in psychology and one in philosophy, as well as a master's in psychology. Big E (Ettore Ewen) played college football at the University of Iowa. Kofi Kingston is a graduate of Boston College.

Booty-O's Cereal became a running gag for the team, until that glorious day at San Diego Comic-Con when, according to Uproxx, Big E announced availability of the actual product. "It's a very real thing," he said. "The cereal actually tastes phenomenal. It really does. We just tried it a couple of days ago. It's real." Or as real as any breakfast cereal gets.

At this writing, FYE still offers the product online, under the name "WWE Booty O's Cereal," at $12.99 a pop. Besides the grain-based bits, there are also marshmallow treats shaped like "stars, smiles, unicorn horns, rainbow hearts, booty crowns, tag titles, and magic!" For those of an inquiring nature, the product also includes "modified corn starch, brown sugar, salt," and the fan-favorite tripotasium phosphate.