Eric Meisfjord

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Gonzaga University, University Of Portland, Pontifical University Of St. Thomas Aquinas
American Frontier History, Religion, Classic Movies
  • Eric is an editor and writer for Grunge News. He's been passionate about sharing information in a clear, accessible, entertaining fashion since he started his first newspaper in second grade.
  • He has several decades of professional experience in a variety of communications media, including creating and editing content for print, radio, photography, and websites.
  • Writing is mostly about re-writing. No matter the medium of communication, no matter the subject matter: Get it right, and then tell it better.


Eric spent several decades in communications work, the vast majority of it for various non-profit entities. He started his first newspaper in second grade, wrote for and edited his high school newspaper, contributed to his college and grad school newspapers, and was delighted to learn that there were organizations willing to pay him to do it, too.


BA, History: Eric finds old fascinating: old objects, old buildings, old sites, old stories (old movies, for that matter). Learning in order to understand why human beings just like us made the decisions they did all those years ago, decisions that have had an impact on how we live today. MA, Communications: Besides exploring the stories of the past, Eric loves to tell stories, too — to convey a narrative that helps bring information and inspiration to others. That includes helping others express their truth in a way that's clear, honest, and accessible.
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