What Was Guitarist Bob Kulick's Net Worth When He Died?

Guitarist Bob Kulick has died, age 70. His younger brother, Bruce — "I am heartbroken" — made the announcement May 29, according to The Sun in the UK. The family had a connection to the phenomenon that is the band Kiss: Bruce played with the group for over 10 years, but Bob had auditioned for them back in 1972. They picked Ace Frehley instead, but included Bob (uncredited) on four albums: Alive II, Unmasked, Killers, and Creatures of the Night. At least some of that was to replace Frehley in 1977, who was "either unable or unwilling to participate." Kulick also toured and recorded with such diverse acts as Meat Loaf, Lou Reed, Michael Bolton, and Diana Ross, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

"I make great music; I don't settle," Kulick said in 2018. "I never went for the easy way: 'Oh, just take the money.' I never did that; it's just not me. I never recorded an artist and took their money if I thought they were below the bar line, like 'this is going to be embarrassing.' It wouldn't help them, it wouldn't help me."

Guitarist, composer, producer, arranger

All told, he invested decades in the business, in one role or another, starting at age 16, according to Blabbermouth. Besides all of his work as a session artist and producer, he released a solo album in 2017, titled Skeletons in the Closet.

APM Music called Kulick a guitarist, composer (he wrote the theme music for Steven Seagal's series True Justice, says Heavy), and arranger, as well as producer, with 14 platinum or gold records to his credit. He'd been in a long-term relationship with actor Stella Stevens for over 35 years and lived in Las Vegas, where he was involved in fundraising efforts on behalf of school music programs.

All those years of dedication to his art — in the studio, on stage, among family and among friends — saw his net worth at about $8 million in 2018.