The Truth About The Man Who Ate 30,000 Big Macs

It seems like a foregone conclusion that a diet made up almost exclusively of McDonald's menu items will give you a massive McGut to go with your McRibs and ironically rob you of your health like the Hamburglar. After all, didn't Morgan Spurlock illustrate that fact in jiggly fashion in the 2004 documentary, Super Size Me? As ABC describes, in the film, Spurlock committed to eating nothing but supersized McDonald's food for 30 days. As the film progresses, his health regresses. He's dogged by laborious breathing and heart palpitations as he packs on pounds.

Now imagine what would happen if 90 percent of a dude's diet consisted of Big Macs for more than 40 years. By the end, the only Big Mac attack he'd have is cardiac arrest, right? Maybe that's true for most mere mortals but, not for the man VIce calls an "American hero," 64-year-old Donald Gorske, who ate 30,000 Big Macs over the course of 46 years, adding to the Guinness world record he set in 2016 of 28,788 Big Macs.

Lovin' it for 46 years and counting

Donald Gorske actually appeared in Super Size Me as a so-called "Big Mac expert," per People magazine. "Approximately 90 percent of my solid diet is probably Big Macs," he proclaimed. It's obviously difficult to definitively prove his claim isn't a steaming Ray Kroc of crap, it seems like an odd thing to lie about, let alone lie about with pride. According to Groske, he eats about two Big Macs every single day. So deep is his love for the sandwich that he supposedly drove through a blizzard to get one, only to find that the McDonald's was closed.

You might be wondering whether Gorske became supersized, or more accurately, casket-sized after eating all that fatty beef. But People reports that in 2006, he was fit enough to finish the San Diego marathon, and "crossed the finish line holding his 21,387th Big Mac." Vice writes that Gorske claims to have lost weight somewhere between his 25,000th and 30,000th burger. He now plans on reaching 40,000. It's tempting to call him a burger king, but that might start a food fight with the Home of the Whopper. Besides, Gorske said that after someone once paid him five bucks to eat a Whopper, he used his earnings to buy more Big Macs.