The Chilling Star Wars Easter Egg We All Missed

Between decades of studious fandom, J.J. Abrams' inclination to turn the universe into one big Slusho commercial, and that one ice cream maker, Star Wars has a long-running and well-earned reputation as a go-to repository for Easter eggs. Looking for self-aware nods to that old Stormtrooper habit of noggin punching doors? Watch for clone progenitor Jango Fett head-fiving the entrance to his ship in Attack of the Clones. Want a deep cut reference to George Lucas's near-unreadable, unproduced original draft of Star Wars? Look no further than Episode VII's Starkiller Base.

Now, there's a new hidden detail making its way across the internet, rounding out a galaxy far, far away just that much more. It regards Yoda's living situation, and friends? It's a stone cold bummer.

Our story begins with the Battle of Kashyyyk, portrayed in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Search your memory and you'll recall that Yoda, after Tasmanian Deviling his ex-BFF clone troopers to death, flees the Wookiee homeworld in an escape pod, that's suspiciously Yoda-and-nobody-else-sized considering the character's supposed benevolence, but here, that's getting off topic ...

It's not easy being green

After unceremoniously leaving Chewbacca to his fate on a planet occupied by enemy soldiers, Yoda jets off to fight the Emperor before tripping, falling down, cementing himself as the galaxy's wisest and most powerful one hitter quitter. With an air of "do or do not, at least I gave it the old college try," the enigmatic Jedi Master into-exile-I-must-goes his way to the Dagobah system, where he spends a couple of decades honing a palpable contempt for seagulls. That's where Luke Skywalker finds him during the events of The Empire Strikes Back, living that defeatist life in a hut at the base of a very damp tree. 

And that's where the Easter Egg comes in. Take a closer look at Yoda's crash pad, and you'll notice that it bears a striking similarity to his escape pod from Revenge of the Sith.

Yoda, it seems, took his means of shameful conveyance, and turned it into a Tiny House. Think about that. He lived, literally surrounded by his own failure, until the day he turned into a ghostly blue night light. Talk about taking your work home with you.