Pearl Jam Is Worth A Lot More Than You Think

Pearl Jam are one of the most dominant bands to emerge from the grunge scene, and certainly the most enduring one of the musical style's four greats. Nirvana ended with Kurt Cobain's life. Soundgarden disbanded and got together again, but since vocalist Chris Cornell also passed tragically away in 2017, they're also inching toward the past tense ... that is, unless they take a page from the Alice in Chains playbook. The gloomiest band in grunge lost their original vocalist, Layne Staley, in 2002, but they've since returned in the game with William DuVall as their new co-vocalist. 

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, on the other hand, is still very much around, and his primal signature vocals are as strong as ever. In fact, apart from a revolving door of drummers during the 1990s, their entire lineup has been notoriously steady. With three full decades making music under their belt, the members of Pearl Jam have been able to enjoy lots of success, as well as amass the kind of fortune that would make their flannel-clad younger selves blink in dull disbelief. Yes, Pearl Jam is indeed worth a lot more than you think.

An 'Even Flow' of money

As befits an extremely successful band that has been at it since the year 1990, the Pearl Jam guys are indeed pretty well off. Because of their grunge roots, it's easy to mentally associate them with the genre's scruffy, blue-collar aesthetics, especially since they've kept their clothing pretty casual to this day. That's why it's so weird to see their actual (estimated) net worths, which are up there in tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Unsurprisingly, Celebrity Net Worth estimates frontman Eddie Vedder as the richest of the bunch, with a net worth of no less than $100 million. Apart from this, it appears that Pearl Jam believes in distributing the goods quite equally, as according to the site's estimates, guitarist Stone Gossard is worth a cool $75 million, while guitarist Mike McCready, bassist Jeff Ament, and drummer Matt Cameron are all worth a cool $70 million each. While Cameron might seem like the odd man out considering he only joined the band in 1998, it's worth noting that he's also a member of Soundgarden, which evens the odds somewhat.