The Cure's Robert Smith Is Worth A Lot More Than You Think

Depending on your outlook, The Cure's Robert Smith is either the most or least likely rock star out there. For goths, he's up there with the likes of Nick Cave, and possibly even higher. For others, his frumpy, backcombed mane of hair, dark clothing, smeared lipstick and heavy eye makeup can make him stand out even in the notoriously eccentric world of rock star fashion. Still, few can deny the man's vast contributions to the world of music. From "Boys Don't Cry" and "Pictures of You" to "Lullaby" and "Disintegration," The Cure's fare is often full of darkness under their surprisingly poppy tunes, which you've almost certainly heard even though you might not immediately associate them with the band.

All of this has been more than enough to earn The Cure and Robert Smith a significant following over the years, and though the singer's name recognition might not be quite up there with Axl Rose or Mick Jagger, he has done very well for himself. In fact, The Cure's Robert Smith may very well be worth more than you think. 

Robert Smith is worth a cool $25 million

Robert Smith does not exactly dress like a millionaire. In fact, one might think that he looks a bit like he still raids his mom's makeup drawer and shops at Goodwill — but then again, that's his style, and far be it from us to cramp it. After all, it's not like Smith comes to our house and tells us how to look. 

In reality, of course, Smith has been the sole consistent member of The Cure since the band's inception in 1978, which means he has over four decades of various degrees of rock star success under his belt. As such, he might be one of the world's foremost purveyors of Gothic doom and gloom, but his bank account should give him no reason to feel down ... at least, according to wealth estimation site Celebrity Net Worth, which guesstimates Smith's earthly possessions at a very respectable $25 million.