Where Does Marty's Disposable Income On Ozark Come From?

Ozark, one of the darkest shows streaming now, on Netflix is a very stressful show to watch. You're constantly on tenterhooks waiting to see if someone makes a mistake and angers the Navarro Cartel. One thing that viewers of the show have wondered is how the Byrde family can even afford their lifestyle. Are they skimming from the cartel? Fair warning, there will be spoilers for the latest season of Ozark.

Well, no, they aren't. Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, is too smart for that. Vulture points out Marty actually asked for a salary by demanding his family receive 3% of the profits from the money-laundering operation, once he made good on the money his partners stole. Of course, now that they have several businesses going to launder the cartel's money, that 3% is bound to grow. This means they're getting more money from the operation than before.

This is how both Marty and his wife Wendy can throw money at complications that arise with their dealings with both the Navarro cartel and the locals who want to see them fail.

It's risky business working for the cartel

In the third season, The Byrdes found themselves in even deeper into the cartel world with the opening of their floating casino and the shooting of Navarro's lawyer Helen Pierce. Without Pierce acting as a buffer, the Byrdes, and their illicit activities, are more likely to be subject to Navarro's whims. Maybe Navarro wants to launch his own phone like Pablo Escobar's brother, who knows. It could mean Marty has to use the brilliant accounting skills he's demonstrated in the show more, or that the Byrdes need to use more of that disposable income available to grease certain wheels.

Either way, they'll certainly need it. Now that Ruth Langmore, Marty's loyal assistant, has sided with the Snell camp, having just that little bit more disposable cash to throw at problems will be crucial. We can expect much more tension, with a nice dash of dark humor, when the show returns for a fourth season, according to Digital Spy.

So, now we know how Marty and Wendy are able to afford such a beautiful house, and how the can pay so many people to do their dirty work. They didn't hide a ton of cash in the Banana Stand ... they're actually just paid a salary.