The Truth About Energy Vortexes

Just about anybody with a sense of faith can tell you that empirical evidence doesn't enter into the equation. It's not about measurable facts, it's about what you know in your gut is real. And that brings us to energy vortexes, the second most metaphysically active variety of texes, next to Austin, Texes.

Energy vortexes (or vortices, if you want to make your high school math teacher proud) are a little difficult to put your finger on. In theory, they're spiralling whirlpools of invisible energy, described varyingly as stemming from magic, ley lines, spiritual power, and electromagnetic fields, depending on who you ask. "If there's no conclusive definition of what kind of energy is being emitted, then how do we know that it's there?" Well, we can't. Or can, again, depending on who you ask. Pseudoscience isn't an exact science.

Still, these purported windows into cosmic what-have-yous are, to believers, a powerful force. According to the Sedona Valley tourism site, energy vortexes are "conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration."

around and around it goes

Not all energy vortexes are made up of posi-vibes and Pegasus kisses. There are also, according to some, "negative energy vortexes." They're exactly what they sound like – the Mister Hyde flip-side of the flower child upliftery present in their positively charged siblings.

Mudit Agarwaal of Litarian, who expands on the concept of energy vortexes at great length, describes the potential chaos sown by such a phenomenon. He tells the story of a newly married couple who had just moved into a new house, only to start arguing regularly. It was, according to Agarwaal, enough that "they were almost on the verge of contemplating divorce," which is close to being adjacent to being bad. Luckily, Agarwaal managed to sniff out the negative energies in the household and perform a healing ritual, and life as a newly married couple became a breeze.

Energy vortexes are, by their very nature, a difficult concept to define. Still, one thing's for sure. Let us know if you figure out what that is.