The Reason Dennis Rodman Briefly Lived On A Farm

Famed basketball player Dennis Rodman has not had an easy life. As explained by the  NBA, the star's childhood was difficult and he grew up without knowing where to go or how to achieve his goals. The restless Rodman once got caught at an airport for stealing watches. As it turns out, the basketball player simply wanted to give the gifts to his friends, who returned them, which led to the charges being dropped.

In his early 20s, Rodman didn't quite know what to do with his life. Lucky for him, a basketball coach from Southeastern Oklahoma's squad noticed him and gave him his big opportunity. Rodman promptly agreed: he wanted the opportunity for a fresh start and to make something of himself. The scholarship seemed like a good way to do exactly that. The New York Times reports that, according to Lonn Reisman, Rodman's former coach, tracking down the player felt like a tough shot. "Oh, we probably can't get this guy," Reisman told himself. "But you always dream about it. He was raw but very athletic and he had a motor that I had not seen."

At a farm, he learned to let go of his past

Things greatly improved for Rodman after he joined the team at Southeastern Oklahoma. He focused on playing basketball and giving it everything he got. According to the New York Times, a disbelieving Rodman was told by Resiman that he was very talented. Rodman simply responded, "Do you really think so?"

Resiman was right. Rodman made it as one of the top players early on in his playing journey. Around this time, at a camp for basketball players, Rodman met another player, 13-year-old Bryne Rich. According to Insider, the duo connected easily and developed a close bond. They also shared anecdotes from their tough pasts. For Rich, says the Seattle Times, it was about learning to live past the trauma of an accident that wound up killing his best friend. Rodman identified his friend's scars and healed them with his goofy and easy-going nature. Before he knew it, he was living with Rich and his family at their beautiful farm, where Rodman learned to drive tractors, tend to cows, and stay far away from his troubled past.