How Much Money Did Jamie Hyneman Make From MythBusters?

With Adam Savage's return to TV to host MythBusters Jr., you might be wondering what his former co-host Jamie Hyneman has been up to since leaving MythBusters (Sr.). We know that he continues to do research and development for his company, M5 Industries, and that he has been working on a prototype for an electric shoe to make walking more efficient. According to Popular Mechanics, he's also designed a fireproof tank that he hopes will one day decrease the risk to human life when fighting wildfires.

But those addicted to celeb gossip might want to know even more about what the beret-wearing ex-boat captain is up to. For some, the question still remains: How much money did Hyneman make from MythBusters?

Although the show was extremely popular and ran for 14 seasons, it wasn't really the cash cow you might think it was. Sharks tend to be more popular than people on the Discovery Channel, and they don't get paid anything. (Except maybe the occasional careless camera operator's appendage.)

Jamie Hyneman made his money doing what he loves

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jamie Hyneman is worth around $8 million. Much of that he made as a special effects expert in Hollywood. He worked on hundreds of commercials — he was the creator of that overzealous 7-Up "improved vending machine" – as well as several popular movies, including Naked Lunch, Flubber, Robocop, and two-thirds of the Matrix trilogy.

Jamie is living proof that you can make a living doing what you love. "I think I grew up in the Midwest and work was what you did to make money, and you had fun afterwards," he told Design News, "But if you can find something you love and can earn a living doing, money will take care of itself ... My value isn't in how many people approve of what I'm doing." And you can take that advice to the bank. He went from a humble pet store owner to a Caribbean boat captain to a millionaire with a couple honorary degrees because he stuck to that philosophy.